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  1. MayAlex
    @Dagger: I can't believe you! Are you really getting more drawn to Nano/Aki???
    I don't like Nano that much, I mean he's just too mysterious for my taste, but some of the anthologies are really cute....
    I loved the comparison between Rai and Shiki in HoneyStar XD XD XD
    Yesterday I read Doll (a Shiki/Aki doujinshi from one of the bad endings, which number was it? The one with Slutty Akira!). I'm still laughing....it's really hillarious...

    Hey, I've got a new question to you, again it came from a discussion between Lynn and I...

    How did Akira became an Uke??? I mean have you noticed how anti-stereotypical are the Semes and Ukes in TnC? Especially if you think of Shiki/Akira. Shiki's slimmer, his voice is a lil higher than Akira's, and, well, he's very bishounen. But then again his personality has Seme characteristics and he is taller than Akira. And if you think of Keisuke/Akira, then you'll see it's Keisuke the blushing one, the one with the higher voice and, well, the general Uke personality. Have you noticed that?!?!?!?
  2. yaoilynnx1
    Hiya! Finally managed to get in!
    Well, I also think that TnC characters are pretty similar to Lamento's... Rai does look a bit like Shiki (the same way Konoe and Akira were clueless too in Honey Star), and then seeing the CGs, Bardo looks so much like Motomi!

    Yeah, I was wondering how Akira ended up as uke even though he's tough and buff. Naivete alone shouldn't make him the bottom though - I've seen a few clueless semes! lol. Could Shiki be seme JUST because he's TALLER?? And yeah, I realised that Keisuke looks more like an uke than Akira does...

    Whatever the reason, I like Akira being an uke (even though he's Rin's seme) coz with a hot body like that, it's way sexier to have him as bottom.... ooh, yeah, scream my name, baby! lol

    PS> May: You liked DOLL? Hehe.. I was the editor for that one
  3. Fuji
    Akira is uke because he moans well...

    LOL j/k- Actually the reason I like TnC so much is because Akira is not the stereotypical blushing uke. I haven't played the Keisuke story yet but, does it have anything to do with when Keisuke has that alternate personality thing?? Or does that not show up in the happy Keisuke arc at all??

    Otherwise, I guess if the uke is strong, that paves way to lots of the rape scenes, because Akira does fight getting topped (in the pairings I've played anyway ^^; ), but in this case the guys who top Akira are even stronger?? :/

    Maybe Nitro+CHIRAL just has a fetish for strong guys being forced to be uke~~~ I know I do. :P
  4. MayAlex
    @Lynn: Welcome, hun! so you edited Doll? I loved it! I actually had to stop reading because I literally fell to the floor laughing...XD

    @Naikan: I agree with you on that! Akira's seiyuu is one hell of a moaner! Like I stated on my siggy, if I ever meet a man that moans like him I will become straight!
    Well in the Keisuke arc --> (minor spoiler) Keisuke does take Line and he turns into his evil alter ego... but the difference is that in his route Keisuke rapes Akira in their second encounter. Also, in their third encounter, Keisuke comes in contact with Akira's blood and faints, giving Akira the chance to take him inside a place and tie him up to force him to quit Line, and from that moment the romance begins LOL...
    Anyway Akira doesn't fight a lot. In the beginning, he bites Keisuke when he tries to kiss him forcefully and he struggles and tries to escape, but everytime he tries, Keisuke beats him hard, so eventually he stops fighting. Every now and then he makes a move like trying to escape again but Keisuke is way stronger than him. There's also the fact that he never tries to hurt Keisuke to escape, he doesn't fight, just tries to escape.
    It's just like Dagger said once, Akira is a saint

    Hey I think I found two reasons for Shiki never being naked! First the stupid reason: Don't you see how tight his outfit is? Can you imagine how much time does it take to take that off? OMG, I'm picturing it.. Shiki trying to have his way with Akira and then he'll be like 'Ok, but I'll undress first'... then like 5 hours later, when he's finally got rid off his leather jacket, pants and his top and his crucifixs and his bracelets and everything, Akira would have fallen asleep already V_V LOL
    Ok, now the serious one... like Lynn pointed out to me, Shiki is more the slim type, while Akira is quite buff. If Shiki were to be naked with Akira they'll probably look a bit strange, even if the difference isn't that big... Don't you think?
  5. space957
    OH YES Akira's voice actor is specialized uke XDDDDD
    Toriumi Kouske, he's top on my list. <3
    although his looks aren't the best, but he's still a very funny guy (a bit shameless too)

    and about Shiki... i just think Shiki doesn't bother to do it... like he's that kind of person? *gets slapped*
    but hey, i don't mind (anymore).
    Shiki can be slim or buff, so is Akira..really depends on the artist, Tatanakana herself draws him pretty muscular. they're about the same under her hands i think xD

    but seme is still seme. he's stronger undeniably. xDDD
    (dun kill me)
  6. Blue-Jay
    lol @MayAlex... geh! Then he wouldn't bath either... I imagine the smell! *heck! major turn off* Thanks :P

    Btw, do you know if there's any TnC fanfic out there? Never seen any. ^^
    I wonder if I should try to write one, but I never wrote a fanfic in my life (just some original stuff), but I have this idea buzzing in my brain... er... actually, I have lots of ideas buzzing in my brain... :/ *nevermind*

    Actually I don't think this seme/uke thing should be so stereotyped (seme=strong, uke=weaker), not even in an environment like TnC where everything revolves around strength. I mean, look at Gunzi, he's undeniably strong but he's an uke just for the heck of it, lol. I mean, if you like it from the botton you could force someone to take you, no? Gunzi would. XD. And he'd probably kill you after as well. *Ah, I just love him!*
  7. MayAlex
    @Blue-Jay: I wanna see Gunzi forcing someone on top of him! YAY!!!!
    I hope Shiki bathes... just in the urge of sex he doesn't take his clothes off... But anyway he's still hot!
    PLEASE! WRITE YOUR FIC!!! I haven't found any TnC fics either... Wait a minute! Just one!, But it was in korean...anybody speaks korean here? XD (It's KeixAki, post Toshima and the name is Knocking on Heaven's Door...)
    Maybe there are some in japanese but I don't know... I hope the girls that wrote the one I mentioned translate it someday... *is dying to get her KeixAki dose*
  8. Fuji
    Gunzi.. sorry I'm bad with names but is he a punisher?? ~ I don't recall seeing any of the punishers uke in the game. :O ???

    @MayAlex: ah then maybe the tender keixakira scene is there to contrast with the rape?? It's not quite the same if they have a happy love making and keisuke's uke, so I guess TnC is trying to put in some realism in that sense.

    I love it when stories go against the stereotype. ^^ I think TnC's halfway there, but because of the setting, there might be a bit of stereotyping, naturally. I remember once reading an article that detailed males fighting (this either an ancient custom or a tribal custom?) and then the winner would sodomize the loser to show his superiority? I can't recall the exact details now... but just thought of it because in manga we often get lines like "make him into a woman" and the sense that a woman's role is inferior or less strong, and therefore the strength of the seme/uke does come into play somewhat. I'm not saying I support the stereotype, but it does exist in most cases, I think. ^^;
  9. yaoilynnx1
    >naikan: Gunzi is the dude with long blond hair

    I would love to watch TnC made into an anime.... imagine the moans, the action... *major nosebleed*

    I like the fact that there is no stereotype uke/seme roles. Akira seems to be bottom coz he gets raped .. a lot. lol.. no choice there. Akira may be a strong fighter, but at the same time, he's a saint and won't kill if he doesn't have to.

    >May: LOL~ I sure hope Shiki showers! Imagine sweat+leather... not a good combo. *_* But man, sex in leather can be hot.. if outfit has holes in right places. lol. Shiki's tight clothes maketh him sexy, but I can imagine putting them on and taking them off. I'd just love to see how Shiki looks naked, and nobody seems to be drawing that in any of the DJs! Is he BORN with the leather glued to him??
  10. MayAlex
    @Naikan: Yeah, Gunzi is one of the punishers (the sexy blonde one LOL) Well he's Seme to Akira in the Gunzi bad ending but in doujinshis he's always paired up with Kiriwar (the other punisher) and he's *of course* the Uke. A magnificent Uke, may I add....
    About the Keisuke's ero scenes if I got what you said right... Keisuke isn't uke. Like you have seen many times, the japanese don't fancy versatile couples V_V....In fact in the romantic ero scene (it takes place after Keisuke recovers form the withdrawal symptoms he was experimenting from quiting Line) Akira is completely passive... Keisuke does absolutely everything while Akira allows him to.
    So when I think off that scene, there's no doubt that Akira was, is and will always be a clueless uke. Akira can't top. In fact, I can't wait to play Rin's route, only to be able to die of a shock from seing Akira as a seme..... OMG!!!! THAT'S JUST WRONG!!! (no offense intended LOL)

    About what you said about the article you read, that's really interesting! I wish boys in my neighbourhood and class would practice those rituals *evil laugh* LOL
    I think TnC breaks lots of stereotypes, and it's just my cup of tea when it comes to Yaoi... I remembered once I said while we were having lunch "last night I played Togainu from the beginning and I was traumatized...again!" then I added "that story is just so violent V_V" and my brother (who never ever makes Yaoi-related comments) said "it must be, if it traumatized YOU..."
    I agree with you that the stereotype exists, especially in Japan...

    P.S. to all of you, my lil sister now hates Shiki. Or so she says. I haven't asked her why, but I guess it has something to do with me telling her about Shiki's route... But then again, she always said "May, that man is wearing a dress!!!" <--she knows it's jacket she just likes to tease me....
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