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  1. skutergirl
    OMG!! kaguya!! that pic is so hott.(eventhough I'm not a Shiki fan).XD
  2. souritsu
    *just joined* I was hoping there'll be a Nitro+ group sooner or later, but didn't have the courage to start it ^_^;;
    Thank you May for all the pics *droools over keyboard* <33
    I would soo die to see Shiki naked... It must be that ego of his that prevents him from stripping!
  3. MayAlex
    Emm, Shiki didn;t get a scar, or at least we don't know about it... I was the explanation given in a doujinshi Dagger read on why Shiki never strips off...
    I'll add the Shiki pic to my album and to the group...its so hot! *drools over Shiki*

    @SunliliQ: Gunzi is the best!!! i love him too... and I haven't played Lamento,
    Hey now that there are so many of us here, do you want to share your opinions on the topic Yaoilynnx1 and I have been discussing over weeks now?
    Does Akira really fall in love with any of the characters in their endings?
    Well Lynn and I started wondering about Keisuke's ending (for the big KeixAki fans that we are) but then, I don't know if you can really call 'love' what Akira feels for any of the characters in the endings.... except for Motomi, maybe.
    What do you think?
  4. SunlilyQ
    You know, I never gave it much thought, and I never did finish Kei's ending. Tha hell, that's something I can look forward to this weekend. But for some reason, love is not the word that comes to mind when I think of any of the endings. I dunno, I just think it goes against the overall feeling I get from Togainu no Chi: Dark.

    Ah, I have a whole Nitro folder XD, I'll upload some pics for Lamento and TnC here.
  5. Blue-Jay
    *Boing!* Hey MayAlex, here I am. Nice pics you have here, gonna add some too.

    Gunzi and Kiriwar rock for me. I also enjoy Shiki, but those two... ah well... and Gunzi is quite the bishie... those tattoos... *drools*

    As for seeing Shiki naked, hum... it would be nice. But hey, , the one I really want to see naked is Arbitro, lol. *I know, I'm strange! :P*
  6. Fuji
    Hi~ yay Nitro+CHIRAL group, yoroshiku. I'm a ShikiAkira fan too, although none of the 3 endings in the game were particularly happy, were they? ^^; Hey Shiki and Akira cuddling up to rainbows and puppies... it could happen. *coughs* Nice to meet you all. ^^
  7. Dagger
    Re: MayAlex's question... yeah, I'd agree that the Motomi ending is closer than the others to what we traditionally conceive of as romantic love. On the other hand, I do like the fact that the Chiral games kind of push the boundaries of what love means.
  8. MayAlex
    @Dagger: Definitely true....
    @Naikan: Welcome! the thought of Shiki and Akira running to each other arms between the flowers and below a rainbow made me burst out laughing... Some day I'll draw that!
    @Blue-Jay: Thanks for the pics! We needed some Inu here... I'll see what other pics I can choose... I have too many TnC pics....
    @Sunlily: Thanks for the pics! I didn't have many of them... we should start a Togainu no Chi gallery in aarin V_V... I wish I can play Lamento one day! I already like Rai only from the few pics I have seen...
    Have you read the doujinshi Honey Star? It's a Lamento/TnC crossover!!! I loved that doujinshi....
  9. Fuji
    @MayAlex: I look forward to your rainbows? :P

    Actually the Lamento/TnC crossover really alerted me to some of the similarities in the characters of both games. ^^ I wonder if anyone's ever done a character chart/comparison. Are the plots similar?? I tried to download Lamento but the link was broken. *cries*
  10. Dagger
    They aren't similar in the details of their plots, but they're a similar type of story, if that makes any sense. Both have a focus on fight scenes, and the protagonists have comparable personalities (although Konoe is much more sociable). You could definitely draw parallels between the punishers and the devils. Bardo is the ossan figure in Lamento, just like Motomi is in Togainu (although personally, Motomi >>>> Bardo).

    If there's a major difference between them in terms of the cast of characters, it's that Lamento has a last-boss kind of villain, and Togainu does not.

    btw, this is kind of random, but... I always thought I was a Shiki/Akira person. Suddenly, though, without any warning, I've found myself getting more and more drawn to Nano/Akira over all the other couples. I blame it on this painfully lovely Nico Video MAD.
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