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  1. Togainu007
    I've been so obsessed with Togainu for the past few weeks. Listen to this guys:

    I've saved at least 200 pics (fanart and CGs), downloaded the PC game, desktop is a "certain killer in black", there are pictures above my bed, uploaded vids to youtube and read 10 doujins already!
  2. kittyloverzz
    <3 Those plushies are awesome <3. I should get one hmm.. or three....
  3. Blue-Jay
    Akira and Shiki cushions? I want some too! xD
  4. ILoveGunji
    Hi! ^^ someone knows if Togainu no chi game is in english? I have saw patches, but I donĀ“t understand at all how work all about the patches because I'm new in the visual novels and the yaoi world u.u
    Please...S.O.S. >.<
    And sorry for my english, I'm the worst in my english classes u.u
  5. UchihaRiddle
    The english patch is out here, http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f16/t1...i-english.html I hope you enjoy, I really loved the game myself, the english patch just made if more wonderful~!
  6. superdadidou

    I replayed Togainu no Chi yesterday.
    I noticed that the Shiki's road, Shiki kiss Akira.
    It reminded me that before the English patch out, I read a translation of the scene from a booklet or an artbook.
    But I can not find it.
    Can you help me, please?

    Thank you in advance~! ^^

    PS: And sorry for my bad english ! =="
  7. xshikitty
    Truly unbeliavable how this thread was nothing but 'I want to see Shiki naked/wonder what he's like topless/want to rape him or Akira, etc'. Why does no one in this fandom ever feel like talking at least about the characters' development for once? Also, to answer your utterly irrelevant question, Shiki does have scars at least in the Chayamachi's manga version.
  8. superdadidou
    Hi! I search the drama cd of Yukihito. Can anyone help me?
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