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  1. bory
    Thanks Dagger for the scan of Shiki! [I'll be getting the LE soon so I'm quite psyched] --- I'm thinking probably...early high school [ but then again, I don't know how the school system really works in Japan as far as Middle School and High School go D: ]
  2. MelonPan
    Young Motomi

    I couldn't find any other ones
    Anyway I really want to see young Rin...
  3. space957
    WAH!! so this is from the special edition of the PS2 game!?
    can't wait til i return to America...then Hakuyoku should mail it to me...

    OMGAR YAY~!!!
  4. bory
    It's included in the LE without pre-order lol
  5. MelonPan
    oh i see i guess i thought wrong
  6. bory
    I could probably scan the rest of the book if none of the other pages of the kidlets can be found.
  7. MelonPan
    that'll be awesome
  8. ReasonX07
    Is it possible to upload the small book? I'm very curious to know how they all looked =X

    *New member here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  9. kittyloverzz
    Hey, I'm so happy! I found a Nitro+CHiRAL group! =D. I was reading through the previous erm, messages, and saw a link to a quiz, in which I will now post my result... XD.

    And......I want the LE if the PS2 Game o___o;;
    It sounds so INTERESTING, I want to see them all as children! Maybe it'll include their ages LOL. =D [a tiny part of TnC fangirlism takes over] TnC = Addicting. I'm going to make a Shiki cosplay for next year. And an Akira cosplay if I can, LOL. Hopefully my parents won't erm, stop me when they see me trying to dye my hair silvery or something.
  10. MayAlex
    Here are the scans and else from the True Blood limited edition.... I didn't scan them ^^


    Kittyloverzz!! Are you cosplaying as Shiki and Akira??? OH IM SO JEALOUS.....That's like, my life's dream V_V
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