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Gaara The Almighty

  1. Vixengirl101
    I just love Gaara...as well as few other characters.....but he's one of my favorites!
  2. Vixengirl101
    Welcome new members!
  3. Blue
    Ah, Gaara..! I love him so much...! ^_^
    He's my fav characters. (and others, like Itachi, Naruto, Sasuke.... ^^)
  4. randombgirl
    hello i just joined( the whole site i mean) and this will be my first group. when i saw it i knew it was just for me. Gaara is my mooost favorite character. everyone says i have weird taste in anime men but who can resist the damaged psychos that reform a little. cmon tell me...who?
  5. Vixengirl101
    I say welcome again ^^ I just love Gaara!!
  6. xfangirlx
    hn... hi all gaara-lovers rejoice! i couldnt resist joining, gaara is adorable hehe! i even hav a lil plushy of him lol he sits on top of my stereo xD and i think naruto and gaara are so shweet together my fave pairing! altho .... there is so lil stuff on them
  7. ladyjinnai
    finally someone who understands *crys*
    non of my friends seem to see the charms whit Gaara.
    they dosent know whats so cute about him.
    personally everytime i see young Gaara i just want to hug him and say "everythings gong to be all right" ^.^
    i feel for him at first sight *dreams back*
  8. xfangirlx
    aww you just reminded me of cute lil gaara as a kid ^^ aww i feel sorry for him why does everyone not like him that much!? hes adorable! i hate it when ppl are mean about him i would of been his friend ! *hugs and squeezes gaara*
  9. ladyjinnai
    yes me to i would have let him join me and play ball...id even let him give me the medecine to and said thank you whit a smile.
    how can you not adore him and get an all fussy feeling insaide when you see him try and make friends..?
    he is so cute.
    i say suit them self fore how he turnd out later on *nods*
  10. xfangirlx
    hmm..that is true if he wasnt so alone he wouldnt of turned into that also i think there also a problem with his father i mean he only thought of him as a guinea pig! i mean your own son >o> and tried to have him assasinated! thats so mean
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