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Favorites among Johnny's

  1. ChrisRen
    Favorite group: KAT-TUN
    Favorite artist: Ryo Nishikido/Kamenashi Kazuya, I still can't choose
    Favorite song: Ordinary by Ryo/ Rescue by KAT-TUN, same still can't choose
    Favorite media: cross between One Pound Gospel; a hyper non-stop eating Kame and Yukan Club; a tough, smart...? (yeah kind of) and yet a crybaby Jin.

    So what are your favorites?
    Any other type of favorites please join in.
  2. angeliro
    Favorite group: KAT-TUN
    Favorite artist: BAKANISHI n YamaP
    Favorite song: DUES by KAT-TUN..kizuna kame in KAT-TUN
    Favorite media: i'll choose proposal daisakusen *the story is so good n original* n Yukan Club *hillarious*
  3. RyoKitamura
    Favorite Group: V6
    Favorite Artist: Imai Tsubasa
    Favorite song: varies with the time XD right now it is Truht fromn Arashi XD
  4. greenyeye
    Favorite Group: Kanjani8
    Favorite Artist: hm... I love Baru, Maru (both!) Yasu and Junno
    Favorite song: probably desire Baru&Yasu, 413man Yokoccho and Kattun's N.M.P.
    Favorite media: KamePi from Nobuta wo Produce... and Tackey& Ryo from Orthros no Inu.
  5. RyoKitamura
    Favorite media mmmm Nobuta wo Produce & Neverland, Koki was so soooooo damn lovely ;__; & was crying my heart out at howv he ended!
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