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  1. naono
    @abandonwhisper: OMG TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! now that the origin of the vizards is out, the only other thing remaining unanswered are the questions about Isshin!! and no, u're not missing anything- there's no clue in the manga as to what division is was captain off...unless it might turn up soon in the manga (read the latest chapters, Kubo's finally coming round to it)
    But srsly, from the way he wears his haori, i just can't help wondering if he might've been a kenpachi...but then again, he doesn't seem like the ruthless kind to kill off a captain to get into their seat...like zaraki, y'know? *confused*

    @Kalypso: YES YES!!! I so badly want Ichigo to become SOMETHING in the gotei 13. heck i even started writing a fic about him becoming a vice-captain for a 'division 14'. i stopped, b/c i don't know where to take it. plus i cannot write to save my pathetic life...
    Ichigo would make a go vice-captain. but he still needs to become wise enough to step into captain shoes, I'd say~
  2. abandonwhisper
    @naono - I had a theory of Isshin being a former 11th division captain as well! 'March to the beat of his own drum', it sounds like him somehow...I could see it.

    I'd say Kubo would make Ichigo a vice-captain sooner or later. I wrote a fiction about Ichigo becoming one too! . It was actually an Ichigo x Byakuya fic, haha. But yes, I got busy...and stopped halfway
  3. sweetlife
    Isshin mystery is driving me bananas as well...

    I wonder what training is like for 11th division...lots of injuries I'm guessing?

    About Ichigo being a captain/vice-captain I don't think he likes the politics so I don't see him volunteering but maybe he could go the way of Kenpachi and just focus on the fighting to gain/keep a captain position
  4. abandonwhisper
    So latest chapter... Would Isshin emerge victorious? *mystery-thriller music* I wonder how Kubo'll kill off Aizen...
  5. sweetlife
    @ abandonwhisper...I hear the *theme music* behind Isshin already but am also amazed at Aizen's continued arrogance. I don't see Aizen behind bars with an imprisonment forever sentence so his death should be pretty epic
  6. abandonwhisper
    Yeah, he'll definitely have to go out with a bang. Kubo'll have to write an impressive end for him, I think. I haven't read 405 chapters for nothing!
  7. Kicktokill
    I think Renji should become Captain! He already has bankai! My favourite captain is definitly Mayuri Kurotsuchi, because he's insanely maniac. I think even Aizen would flinch thinking about him XD

    Hottest captain... Byakuya!!!
  8. Cteel
    Hey! I DO have an idea where Isshin is from! Its very subtle but I was reading an old Shonen Jump that I found the other day, it had the first part of the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, do you remember the 11th squad Captains "promotion"? Remember to where?
    The Royal Guard, it was Zero something right? Well, my guess is that he was an old Captain of The Royal Guard, why else would he be so powerfull? Why else would he need to use the Final Getsuga? Why else would he be hiding himself? It just seems to fit, you know?
    (besides, did anyone else notice Aizens reaction to hearing about the "promotion"? And notice that Isshin was the only one that gave him a run for it*or at least was somewhat toe to toe*?)
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