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What is your favorite Zanpakuto?

  1. LoliCiel
    What is your favorite Zanpakuto? and why?

  2. Dr. Muraki
    Dr. Muraki
    Kazeshini is my favorite zanpakuto! It's deadly and beautiful.
  3. egetsunaikeike
    I'm going to be the unoriginal one, but I seriously only like Zangetsu and Tensa Zangetsu. If I could met Engetsu, I would probably like him as well.....just because I like his stoic nature (ossan) and I appreciate how he encourages Ichigo.

    On a side note, I would like to see the manifested form of Benihime.
  4. akaimiko
    I will say that I like Katen Kyoukutsu. So fitting to Kyouraku!
  5. Kicktokill
    Wabisuke!! And no it's not because it's Kira's Zampakuto (love you Kira!), but the concept is awesome! You hit the enemy until he can't get up because it's own weight it's too much for them. Then when he's on your feet you decapitated them! Merciless and epic!

    Can't wait to see the bankai form!
  6. mimithenumberon
    i would have to go with Zabimaru. Even though i originaly assumed it would be a guy it turned out it was actually two laidies......Boy was i wrong! XP The bankai is awsome, mainly becaouse i love snakes (well all animals, really.......) Anyway i love this one a lot. It's a perfect combination of fierce and sexy!
  7. RedPineapple27
    I've got to say Senbonzakura, the whole razors deal is fairly epic. Doesn't hurt that Byakuya's a total honey.
  8. qume
    i really cant decide between sode no shirayuki and benihimi...one because it belongs to rukia and the other one, well, i just really want to see the bankai
  9. Cteel
    Kanten(because I love Kyoraku so! And she's deadly sexy*just like her wielder!*)and Hyorinmaru! I think there should be more pairings of these two! Sexy! Muramasa is a close runner up! Kazeshini right behind him, and finally, though I'm not a fan of his wielder, I really like Senbonsakura
    I'm more of a fan of the Zompakutos then most people
  10. NotYoloEnough
    Benishidare... LAWL
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