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What would you have wanted to happen to the Espada's?

  1. sailormoonskid
    Seriously what would you guys have wanted?
    I think they all should have gone to the soul society i mean they really didnt have to die, only Aizen did and even then if there was way that he didnt have to that would be really cool.
  2. mimithenumberon
    i agree with you on the not dieing part.........i hate and love the way Tite Kubo adds that one small piece of insight into his villains' life. It really makes you think if maybe, they aren't all bad......Then again i do have a soft spot for Grimmy! (He is so cool!! XD) But somehow i still believe that they will come back at one point......(my secret hope) And the good-ish part is that Grimmy is the only one who didn't actually die, or we didn't see him die. I found that interesting. I hope he'll come back! So, yeah, i completely agree that they shouldn't have died. They were way too cool for that ......(with the exception of a few; like Yami! XP)
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