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Do you like Ichigo as uke or a seme?

  1. vampyuuki14
    we all know the stories of ichigoxgrimmjow or ichigoxIshida so which do u like more?
  2. lazyn3ko
    I like it uke
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Well, I like Ichigo with Rukia But if he's gonna be yaoied up, I prefer him with Ishida So, seme!
  4. Kalypso
    I like him in many different pairings, so whether I prefer him as uke or seme always depends on who he's paired up with and what the situation demands.
    He is great in both roles!!!
  5. DirtyNinjaChick
    I like him best as uke. Can't really see him as seme x'D.
  6. nocturnalsun
    uke i think its so kawaii
  7. runes
    definitely uke, i looove seeing him get dominated >.<
  8. xfangirlx
    gotta be the uke! i like the grimmjow-ichigo pairing but its such a rare thing you almost never see in doujinshi ...
  9. ColdRain
    totally prefer him as uke x)
  10. Keisan18
    I love Ichigo when he's paired with Grimmjow. Uke all the way!
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