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  1. arinna
    if that's supposed to be Ikkaku's hair, no wonder he keeps his head bald and shiny.
  2. shattered
    If Ichigo was a girl, how different would the story be?
    From the first episode, I think the result would still be the same, I mean, a female protagonist would still want to protect her family by doing whatever she can, so she would still have become a shinigami substitute. It's hard to judge the Soul Society invasion, but I still think it would happen. Probably the only major different that comes to mind first is that she would have ... well ... she would have pwned Byakuya during that first surprise attack of Bankai (actually she may very well have efficiently bankai-ed straight away and just finished Byakuya off with the element of surprise still on his side ) and not sustain so many injuries

    Anyways, just speculate while I procrastinate and not do stupid government bonds homework
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Ohhh the story would've been awesome! I just imagine Rukia in his place. And she kicks ass! I don't think anything would've been different ... wouldn't it be great if Kaien were the rogue shinigami that tried to help her?! (like Rukia helped Ichigo).
  4. arinna
    she would have probably spent half the series being saved by Kaien. poor anime girls - no matter how awesome, they will always be plagued by knights in shining armour and their rescuing.
  5. shattered
    LOL kaien calling byakuya 'nii-sama' ... well if going by complete gender switch then byakuya would also be a girl and thus 'nee-sama' ... oh trying to imagine renji as a girl and i can only come up with someone like kuukaku.
    ishida ... is already a girl so not a hard stretch there, but chad?
    and then there's aizen. actually kenpachi. this is a mind trip...

    if the protagonist were specifically a girl instead of being a supporting character, then she might be more action and less saving ... i fear that they tend to make girls really whiny and complainy and altogether too 'girly'
  6. staces
    If Ichigo were a girl there would be ALOT more yuri in this series! XD
  7. CelticMist
    Rawr, Ken-chan as a woman. *snort*
  8. staces
    Dangit CelticMist, you killed the conversation with the mental image of Ken-chan in a skirt! XD

    Kidding... seriously though, this conversation is dead. We need a new topic. Hmm....

    What Bleach characer, if any, did you mistake for the opposite gender when you first saw them?

    When I personally first saw the first chapter of the Bleach manga, I though Rukia was a boy and was like SWEET, YAOI! XD... but now I know better and love Ichiruki anyway!
  9. shattered
    hmm ... i'd say ... maybe for a split second i thought yumi was a girl, but that was when he first appeared. probably the one that i thought was a girl for the longest time was luppi ... the hair, the long sleeves, was all female-ish!!! and even in the anime, he had an uke/girly voice
  10. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    ummm ... Yoruichi-sama!!!! ♥
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