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  1. Nnoilalala
    cat~ *sigh* your using the blue board too.. *runs away*....
  2. CelticMist
    who is sotaichou indeed....ô_Ô
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Ahh, nekogal, I have to highlight what you read, and then when I go to reply I can't remember what I just read

    Soutaichou is the ugly old man, the Captain of the 1st Division, and I think it was suggested, who is his partner ... ARE YOU INSANE, EWW!!!! Old Man Yaoi!! Nasty!!

    C'mon, you don't think Ichigo screams "bankai!!!!" during orgasm? I think Hisagi would, too, depending on who he's with ... he's a bit of a dork in those omakes And I like older Hisagi, too, I'm also into the >25 crowd
  4. shattered
    im using the darkfantasy theme and this is what nekogal's post looks like O_o

    but black font is invisible with this theme so i gotta highlight it

    i guess not everyone knows about sotaichou >_> but ... no ... just ... no ... no pairing with him, he's too old even for the oyagi pairing >_<
  5. Lent
    Ahaha, with the dark theme it looks good, with all others I have to highlight.
  6. CelticMist
    ooh, so Yamamoto is sotaichou.^^'
  7. Nnoilalala
    X.D sorry.. I thought everyone would use the new board~

    hmm.. yamamato how about.. Sawatari.. or the unnamed espada..

  8. Cat-chan
    oh... right... I'm using the- wtf? WHY?
    *changes it right away*
    [OMG, I don't like the Green Style anymore. 0_o; *chooses the dark one* ;_;#]

    *looks to the screenshot of Shuuhei*
    That's his... Bankai?Rly? Not Shikai? O0o
  9. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Well, judging from the expression on his face, I'm not sure he knows what it is either.
  10. shattered
    you can see his expression from that tiny thing? O_o
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