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  1. occultdawn
    Hello to all! I joined because I love Bleach
  2. Ichigi111
    Hey im new here but honestly, im already liking it. BLEACH YAOI <3 do you like GrimmIchi yaoi stories? if so theres plenty on FanFiction. Imma bring some of my bleach yaoi fans over here theyll love it. ^.^
  3. kinsugi
    Don't know if I ever posted in here... we can't use spoilers so maybe I should look for a group in a different section to discuss Bleach. EDITING TO DELETE all spoiler content of this post...

    <snip snip snip snip CUT and toss>

    ...Then... titekubo got his ass in gear again and WOW. He's f*ckig killing me. I stopped reading around five hundred something because I couldn't take it... right cross followed by uppercut and I was down for the count.<snip CUT> Ah, tite-sensei you are a god. A cruel god with a macabre and sadistic sense of humor.

    I am not yet totally caught up but am at a pause for R&R so thought I'd say hi, and complain about my bruised heart and body after being jerked around by the story. Those tiny teasers <snip snip CUT> I feel like mangaka sometimes do things simply because they know it will rile up the fans... not because they srsly mean it.

    Well, hello. At least people here will understand my pain!
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