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  1. uniQ
    3rd movie is here!
  2. ahgreg
    Here's the link the watch online the new movie subbed!
    BleachGet.com - Watch Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black English Subbed
  3. sudice
    just joined to say i love bleach ^^
  4. sapphire76
    Just wanna say hi...lol. Did this last, oops. I posted some of my fave pics of bleach here but have more in my album.
  5. sweetlife
    Just joined, so glad to share in the Bleach love
  6. Tsubaki14
    It seems I'm one of the last addictions here but since I'm a huge fan of Bleach I'm at home!!!! Hi everyone!!!!
  7. kisusu

    I made a Bleach amv some while ago, i think it worked out quite well ^^
    It's my own perspective of the love triangle Ulquiorra, Orihime, Ichigo.

    You can check it out on youtube here

    or you can download the better quality version (1280x720) here =)

    Feel free to check it out ^^ It's not BL, but it's still Bleach nummie ^^
    (i also got some other BL amv on my youtube channel =) )
  8. ShirayukiHime87
    hi to all the group i just joined in because i love Bleach!
  9. Dr. Muraki
    Dr. Muraki
    Hello! Just joined! I love bleach!!
  10. anszu
    Hellou! I also just joined! I <3 Bleach
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