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  1. Lucien22
    ah, yes, i do like tatsuki arisawa and halibel (rukia is okay, as are most of the others artemis moonsong refered to). my problem is that they're pretty much all really rather weak. that's why i like characters like nel and halibel; they show that chicks are strong, too!
    I have a deeeeep hatred for orihime...bleh. she's so weak and is really kind of stupid...
  2. lenom
    hmmm, these pics are quit nice...^^...hi everyone!
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Hi lenom!
  4. Yusuichi
    hi lenom, welcome along!
  5. yaoifanboy17
    soooooo, who else thinks Grimmjow is hot?
  6. Yusuichi
    Pick me! Pick me!

    He's a really funny guy - one of the best Arrancar in my view - he's soo cuddly and him and Ichigo would go well together.
  7. RainSprite
    I love everything about Grimmjow
  8. yaoifanboy17
    @Yusuichi: GrimmIchi is one of my favorite pairings
    @RainSprite: me too
  9. Yusuichi
    @ yaoifanboy17: They go so well together, but I would hold out for a cool Grimm/Uryu for a more tame pairing.
  10. kurorinslvr
    hello every body, well, i haven't either read or watch Bleach but i stumbled in some bleach doujinshi and decided to read them. There were mostly Ichigo and Ishida, and i felt in love with those too. I kind skim bleach's wiki information and sounds interesting.
    Anyway, what is the canon relationship of Ichigo and Ishida. They have like hate you but care for you friendship kind of thing?
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