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Bleach: Zanpakutou Arc!

  1. iono
    what is your favorite spiritual zanpakutou?

    Mine would have to be Sodeno Shirayuki.. haha. すごいですね。
  2. icyburn
    well i agree... rukia's zanpakutou in shikai form is really beautiful...
    but it's not my favourite...

    i like hitsugaya's Hyourinmaru
    and byakuya's Senbonzakura

    they are also my fav Bankai *hihi* awww.... they are so awesome

    @ iono: はい, はい... そう ですよ ^^ ... うるわしよ...
  3. skretik
    I think my the most favourite one is Ichigo´s Zangetsu
  4. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Eh ... I just googled "Senbonzakura" to see what it looked like ... and it just fortified my resolve NOT to watch this arc -_-
  5. iono
    aww, so mean. LOL
    the arc is good, you get to see a cool Ichigo. (;
    and more つぎの まい。。 はくれん and そめの まい つきしろ。 haha
  6. Terene
    Ah, but Artemis, the word out there is that Kubo-sensei himself did the character designs for this arc. (I'd hunt down a source to confirm that, but it's too late and I need sleep. ) So apparently Senbonzakura looks just like Kubo-sensei wanted him to. I admit Senbonzakura didn't quite fit with my own ideas either, but I'm getting used to it. And most of the others are quite good, I think.

    Also, the forms in which the zanpakutou appear in this arc are not necessarily their usual forms. Several shinigami so far have not recognized their zanpakutou right away. The zanpakutou have all taken on humanoid forms, which often differ from their usual ones.

    And actually, the consensus among fans seems to be that this arc is pretty good. Even people who disliked the previous fillers are saying that. I don't quite hate the previous fillers like some do, but either way I can tell you this one is better, or at least so far. Still not as good as the main storyline, of course, but decent and certainly watchable nonetheless. So you might consider giving it a try!

    In answer to the question, I think my favorite so far would have to be Kazeshini. He's quite droolworthy, in a twisted sort of way. But he might be replaced as my favorite by Ruri'iro Kujaku, once we see more of him.
  7. iono
    whoa, such an insider. [:
    the arc is good, but i want the storyline to come along too, but.. Ichigo has to find Byakuya!
  8. mierinsama
    i agree... i kinda liked this arc, and it's fun to see the shinigamis interact with their zanpakutos.

    i do admit that i had a very different idea of how i wanted senbonzakura to be like, but now that i think about it, senbonzakura suits byakuya's personality, which is an important trait when they're trying to portray the zanpakutos i think ^^

    but i'm glad they made sode no shirayuki so beautiful
  9. Lorean
    Hyorinmaru is such a bishonen But I still like more Zangetsu/Hichi/Ichi 3some And about Senbonzakura; after today's episode I think we can say that he looks like a human under a mask, so let's hope he's a bishie like Byaku
    Yay, I just love this Zanpaktou Arc - so much possible yaoi couples and shonen ai scenes!
  10. Otakugirl85
    But Hisagis zanpaktou is also very cool and badass!!! YES!!! I really love the Zanpaktou Arc!!!
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