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Bleach: Zanpakutou Arc!

  1. gollumsfriend
    Probably Hisagi's Kazeshini. I like rebels.

    This was definitely the best filler arc so far!!! If I ever see another Bount again, I might have to gouge my eyes out....and I'd rather not have to do that.
  2. Aich
    My favorite zanpakuto as far as abilities when wielded by it's Shinigami is Wabisuke. But as far as their materialized forms as characters... gotta be Senbonzakura or Kazeshini. Kazeshini's just too badass to touch... but on the other hand, Senbonzakura behaves similarly to Byakuya, who's my favorite character. So eh... tough one.
  3. LolaTenshi
    Zabimaru was probably my favorite, Chimpette and Snakey were hilarious!! Especially in the episode where they get trapped in the the research and development lab with Senbonzakura.
  4. Cteel
    Ahhh, yes! Hyorinmaru! Sexy ,tasty, strong yet submissive, what is Not to like? Other faves, Kanten of course(Kyoraku Shunsui is my favorite captain to it makes sense)Kazeshini(sexy devil!)Zangetzu, and Senbonsakura(which is funny because I'm not a Byakuya fan) I also did like and felt sorry for Muramasa(interesting that he had the same name as quote,"the Demon Sword:Muramasa" in the first hentei manga I ever read called Crying Freeman, lol)
  5. cjk4993
    I am totally in love with Byakuya's Senbonzakura, it's really awesome and always makes me wish I could draw lol. Plus, controlling it with only your mind?! Heck yes, I want to do that
  6. KatieMH2
    i like Hitsugaya's Hyourinmaru and byakuya's Senbonzakura zanpektous; they were really cool though i am a bit surprised at how Hyourinmaru turned out!! I was alittle disappointed with the Head Captain Commander's zanpektou being hidden from view!! I wanted to see which form he would take!! I also liked Renji's Zanpaktou too, the snake child and eechi woman XD That fits renji's character perfectly lol
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