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  1. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    So I know there was a thread called "Yaoi Psychology 101," wherein fans talked about why they favored certain pairings, and why certain characters appealed to certain types of fans. I'd LOVE to carry on those kinds of discussions here

    Also, has anyone ever written or published anything in regards to yaoi or anime? I'd be interested to hear about it!
  2. unsteady
    Hope you don't mind me joining. I haven't done a lot of serious thought about yaoi, but I did write a paper about Onnagata and Otokoyaku back in college. And I really enjoyed the Yaoi Psych 101 thread (wish it would have kept going a bit more). So I'm looking forward to hearing some interesting theories about pairings and everything.
  3. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Welcome, WELCOME!!!! Of course I don't mind!!

    What are "Onnagata" and "Otokoyaku"? What did you write the paper for? How was it received? *nosy, curious minds want to know*

    I haven't written on yaoi or anime, but would seriously love to. I have my dissertation coming up in about a year and a half, and I'm in children's literature, so it's something to think about!

    I love the Yaoi Psych 101 thread, too ... and it all started with someone saying they hated Renji
  4. unsteady
    Onnagata are men who play female roles in Noh plays (traditional theatre of Jpn) and Otokoyaku are women who play male roles in the Takarazuka Revue (an all female production company). I wrote it for a Jpns Theatre class I took, because I wanted to write an original play. I just compared the fans of these actors and how they are received in Japan. I found that (for the most part, generalizing) men and women are fans of Onnagata, but only women are fans of Otokoyaku, although men find that otokoyaku make very good wives... Maybe I should go find that paper...

    The Zuka club in Ouran High School Host Club is like the Takarazuka.

    I don't hate Renji. I haven't read all of Bleach but I have read some and my favorite Doujin is between Renji and Byakuya (sp?). I like the whole commander and subordinate thing going on I guess...
  5. akiahara
    hello, all. hope it's alright that i'm poking in here.

    i haven't written anything on yaoi or the sort, but i do enjoy contemplating the reasoning behind it and how culture effects the genre and vice versa. i often find myself trying to explain why yaoi is appealing and end up... speechless.
  6. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Welcome new members!!!!! Though technically we are all new right now ...

    unsteady ~ whoa, thanks for the quick lesson in Japanese drama! That is really fascinating ... I would have thought the men would be intrigued by women dressing up as men. But perhaps there was a sense of being intimidated by these women, who are acting out of their "sphere"? Is that what you argued? And of course the female fans who are interested in the cross-dressing male actors, that really plays into the inexplicable fascination women have with yaoi.

    akiahara ~ welcome, of course it's all right I've never had to explain yaoi to anyone because I don't know anyone who actually knows what yaoi is But my major professor once went to a conference where someone gave a presentation on slash Harry Potter fanfiction. This announcement was, of course, greeted with laughter amongst the class. I was the only one who wondered what exactly the presentation was about, and I really should have approached her afterward, but I've forgotten, until now.

    I don't know from where the fascination with yaoi stems. What sort of pleasure do we, as women, receive from reading or watching two male characters in a romantic relationship? I think it goes beyond the physical - even though, presently, I find two men together more arousing than a man and a woman, or a woman and a woman.

    Psychologically, perhaps we enjoy the absence of a woman, of seeing her having to degrade herself in a submissive role. Instead, she is replaced by a man, and sometimes, the more "masculine" the submissive, the more we as women enjoy it (take Iwaki from HwD, for instance).

  7. unsteady
    I have always disliked yaoi where the 'uke' is too submissive. Too feminine. That makes it just like a man and woman to me. I need them to both be men. They don't have to be manly, but they have to be believable as characters, realistic. I don't know quite how to explain it. The idea of a 'masculine' as a submissive I find interesting too. But no matter what gender I don't like to someone degraded sexually (i.e. raped.)

    To me I also find homosexual male relationships much more arousing than homosexual female relationships or heterosexual. I was also thinking that maybe I like it because the female is completely removed from it, so I don't ever have to compare myself to a female character.

    For me maybe I like it, because I don't like to imagine sexual things involving myself. I'm a pure voyeur I guess, and with a woman involved maybe it's too close to home?
  8. SexyRyu28
    Hi^^ new gal here.

    I hope you don't mind me sharing my view... (pardon my bad english)

    For me I think it's the fact that usually we see men as this rough and emotionally detached beings. They are not as open to their emotions as most women. So when we see two men been so intimate and close to each other and still been men (I don't like the overly femenine uke either) it probably makes us think of them differently. I find two men so arousing and sensual.
  9. arinna
    another group i'm joining, hopefully, not to forget about its existence . but well, if it isn't the group i never knew i was yearning for! not to be understood i do not enjoy "fangirling" as much as the next yaoi lover, but there's a limit to the amount of drool one can produce over the image of two hot guys all over each other, and there comes a point where the part of the brain that's left functioning needs to start analyzing the "why" of the saliva you discreetly wipe off with the back of your hand.

    why do i enjoy yaoi? hard to pinpoint, seen as i tend to enjoy all kinds of (humans-involving ) sex. i can't say i necessarily like it more than het for instance, but i definitely get a different kick out of it. first it was the thrill of the novelty, since i'm so curious by nature. but when that wore off a bit, i became so selective i almost eliminated yaoi from the menu. i love a beautifully drawn character, fluid, clean strokes, i tend to look at the art first, and, yes, a pretty face will always get my attention. unfortunately, i have a literature degree and i'm surrounded by books, so i cannot be blamed if i find the overwhelming majority of yaoi storylines well... a tad silly. oh, and don't even get me started on rape victims falling in love with their molesters!

    also, i favour unconventional roles in my yaoi couples, conventional being the classic seme/uke (which to their extreme give birth to violent, brutal, with pent-up emotions seme and ridiculously fragile and teary uke). in plain simple words, i want men to be men, not try to fit in any heterosexual pattern.

    one more thing - i'm a yaoi lover in the closet in real life, since it's pretty pointless to start explaining it to homophobic friends no matter how smart they are, so it's going to be a real pleasure coming here .
  10. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    unsteady ~ I find "rape" stories distasteful as well, though I do imagine that those who find themselves drawn to such tales are yaoi-lovers to the extreme; they take immeasurable pleasure in seeing a man be brutalized in a manner we might traditionally associate with women.

    Wow, I think you raise a REALLY interesting point about yaoi-as-voyeurism and safe indulgence. If we are uncomfortable with sex or intimacy in any way, it can be a relief to read or watch yaoi, and take pleasure from it without experiencing any guilt or fear. I'm not aware of any "negative" feelings I might harbor towards sex, but I do think that these feelings may be latent in most women ... which could be why we often have difficulty explaining WHY we enjoy yaoi.


    Oh I definitely agree that it's pleasurable to the female eye, even on a non-sexual level, to see a male character being forced into the submissive role, and being forced to display more emotion that he is wont to do, too. Also, do you think males are more likely to display emotion around another male lover than a female?

    arinna ~ hey, girl!!! Welcome

    As for the fangirling ... for my part, I do believe I'm mostly over it; occasionally, I will read a tantalizing PWP, but not very often. And even for manga (mostly Haru wo Daiteita; I haven't read much else), I enjoy the love scenes but tend to read over them quickly, prefer the plot to the sex. I'm not unfamiliar with sex in general, of course, and am now also desensitized to sex between two men, so the "thrill" is gone, so to speak.

    I, too, find myself turning away from the poorly written yaoi out there Do you notice, there are plenty of "hot" oneshots and such out there, but only 1 out of 100 are genuinely good stories? Think of how many people praise the recent yaoi OVAs that have come out ... I was amazed that people were going crazy for that "Kirepapa" I think it was, and the one where the two guys meet on a ship. The stories were awful and uninvolving, yet because they contained sex, people went wild over them.
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