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  1. Wolfje87
    Hi you guys, I know that this is a bit of a slow moving part of the forum and all that, but I thought maybe people could give some suggestions for nice fics and maybe AMV's or such. ^^

    Ok, erhm, I'll make a start then... I myself am a lover of 1x2 3x4 and 5x6, but stray sometimes... Here a few of my favorite fics, please do check out the rest of the author's work as some of them do other pairings as well, so if these stories are not for you, others might be.

    Ion Arc - Sunhawk (1x2 3x4 5xS)
    The drums of heaven - Sol1056 (1x2 3x4/3xoc 4x? 5x?)
    Defying Garvity - Kaeru Shisho (1x2 3x4) >>also other pairings by this author<<
    The wedding planner - Snowdragonct (1x2 3x4 5xs past 1xR and some 2x6)
    Meditations on the color blue - Waterlilylf (5x6 1x2 3x4past 6x13 and 3x5) >>also other pairings by this author<<
    Broken warriors - pyrzm (1x2 3x4 5x6 and all of them together, sortof... :P)
    Yoedian Arl: Part One of The Sea Folk Trilogy - Memeal (3x4 1x2 5x6)
    Happy Heero, Monotone Duo - LeoOsaka Bakura's stalker (1x2 3x4 5x6x13 loads of Relena bashing...)

    Some more authors to check out:
    Dentelle noir
    Dyna Dee
    Shine Q

    Ok, well, I hope this was useful. We'll see, neh? ^^ AMV's anyone?
  2. kinsugi
    Hi, Wolfje87. I'm new to the social groups, too.

    I love Drums and Road Trip. My favorite GW authors are Maldoror, on the deteriorating GWA site, and tbll57, on Daria's site. It always makes me nostalgic to read pyrzm's New Orleans, now gone. Will look for the other stories; thanks for recs!
  3. Ainian
    Hi everyone! I can't say this is the fandom I'm most obsessed with, but I do love it!

    I think the best story I've read for Gundam Wing has to be the AU "Cages". Awesome fic and you get a whole lot of loving between the Gundam pilots (Zechs included!).
    "Cages" by ryoko21 So far there has been: 6x1 6x2 6x3 6x4 6x5 1x2 3x4 1x3 1x4 2x3 2x4 1x2x3x4x5 (Seriously)
    Story description: Zechs goes undercover to infiltrate a ring of slave traders through the slave game called Collar. On his mission, he finds five slaves that make him long for true love, but will he ever find his?
  4. Yaoi17angel7
    Well, I'm from Germany, so most of the fanfiction I have read are in german. Sorry, this isn't very helpfull. But about the AMV's:

    Here are some links from AMV's that I like: (two of them are slideshows, but they have good pictures and also yaoi stuff in it!)
    YouTube - Duooo
    YouTube - Duo's Guardian Angel
    YouTube - Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Heero's Pain
    YouTube - Gundam Wing Yaoi
    YouTube - HD Lemon Tree (maybe a little , but it's very funny and I like it)
    YouTube - Heero x Duo - Our Dreams Will Never Come True
    YouTube - Last Impression

    So I hope you like them. But I realized that you need time if you want to find real good AMV's.
  5. TriciaE20
    Hello Everyone! I was hoping you could help me! I'm looking for an older story that I fell in love with but am having a hard time finding. It was on a GW archive with a Dark blue background similar to that of Debs Gundam Diaries. The story was about Wufei being sent to a preventer outpost where he's bullied. The other gboys come to bring him home but it's a struggle to get him. It's got some serious angst going on but it's a happy ending. It's 1x2x5, if I remember correctly. Any ideas????
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