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kyouya and tamaki...

  1. kamuidaa
    they are so good together...

  2. Nako
    I'm totally agree with you Oka-san and Otto-san forever together
  3. Letovix
    I third that. XD They just...match. They balance each other out nicely, with Tamaki's hyper-active-craziness and Kyouya's ability to keep him in check. XD (And Kyouya wears glasses. Who can resist glasses?)
  4. kittyclawing
  5. emowolf
    I agree with Letovix!!!
    They totally complete eachother, with Kyouya's quiet but evil aura and Tamaki's loud and lovable aura!!! Even in their looks, they have the best of both worlds with the black hair and glasses then the blond hair and cute lil face!!!

  6. LoveHateObsess
    totally they are just made for each other tamaki is the life in kyoya and kyoya is the strictness in tamaki they both balance each other out and they both work so well together thats why theyre a match made in heaven not to mention they are but hot kyoyas cool and evil pokerface and tamakis laughable and lovable cutie pie face who wouldnt love them?!?!
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