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Uzumaki Naruto

  1. crecre
    @Gemma22 I feel the same way about Sasuke too. It's relly wierd b/c the more I see him in the show and manga he gets on my nerves more and more maybe b/c he's alywas giving Naruto grief, but in the fanfics his possessiveness over Naruto is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!! I just love it seriously I can't get enough of it!!! BTW your blinky star-eyed smiley guy...really nice touch.
  2. gemma22
    thank you it simbolizes my perviness when it comes to naruto and sasuke cause there sooo fricken cuuute together and i love the fact that in the anime/manga sakura gets left alone *cough* sorry really dont like her XD
  3. kittydarko
    hello! my name is kittydarko, and i am a naruto fanatic too. <3 ^_^ love my foxy boy
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