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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. yerisina
    *NEEEEEEDS to join*
    Because I simply love him! *is such a fangirl*- but only when it comes to Naruto and Sasuke.
  2. darklight9600
    I must be a machisit at heart ... cuz i just love arrogant a$$es like Sasuke ...
  3. Akascha
    Welcome Dark-san and yeri-san(i can call you that, ne? )

    Nice of you to join
    Yes I always liked his attitude although he is such an arrogant ......person
    Still I love him *fangirl desu*
  4. FiresFlame
    ^^ Thanks for the invite! And who WOULDNT join to gush over Sasuke
  5. Akascha
    Your welcome flame-san

    now lets all drool all over him
  6. kinai26
    Hello minna, I just joined... kinda had too as Sasu-chan is a real hottie and perfect for my number one, all time fav. nin Naru-chan heh heh. Akascha-chan, thanks for opening this group XD Banzai
  7. Akascha
    2 new members

    Welcome kinai-sama and Jokun
    Nice of you to join.
  8. joezz
    had to join!
    sasuke is my absoulut favorite teme in the hole wide world!
    #drools over sasuke#
    Naruto: shame on you! #whips away the drool..# he's mine! grrrrr....
    Joezz: possesive bastard, we'll just ban you.... then we can have Sasuke-chan all to us selv
  9. yerisina
    Aww! so many cool fanarts!
    I promise I'll upload some as well later.
  10. ForeverForlorned
    Hello hello all sasuke-maniacs!!!

    Um... excuse me but... why is there a hetero fanart here?? LOL *confused look*
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