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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-chan: Muahaha let the stalking begin *slinks into the shadows*

    *looks over at new pic* OoO *drools*
  2. SoraV
    o.O Wow the new picture is just...wow...amazing. Mmm.

    Although I pictured Sasuke as a bit more buff than that.
  3. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: Yes... Ku ku ku.... *disappears into the darkness*

    @ SoraV: His package makes up for his lack of buffness.... ;D *snickers* Sasuke-kun wears tighty whities.... Though in the anime, he actually wears boxers.... *recalls episode when Kakashi had to control Sasuke's cursed seal*

    KakaxSasu~? @o@
  4. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-chan: *slinks into a wall and plots with Zetsu-san*
  5. Zetsubou
    @Fire-chan: O_o" with me? How come? XD (not that I'm complaining just wondering) and what are we plotting?
  6. FiresFlame
    @Zetsu-san: Hehe Gomen, didnt mean to drag you into thins but I need help with out-stalking SasuxNaru-chan. Any ideas?
  7. SoraV
    @SasuxNaru-chan: Haha you're right. xD I remember that episode! One of the only times you see Sasuke without a shirt. [Well besides the whole open-chest thing in Shippuden.]

    Hmm, KakaxSasu? Never really thought about it. It'd be cute though. ^_____^
  8. FiresFlame
    @Sora-san: hmmm that would be an interesting pair wouldnt it?
  9. Zetsubou
    Well there is quite a share of KakaSasu at aff.net I think XD
    @Fire-chan: Hmm...good question maybe we should get some equipment first, like a binocular and a pair of walkie-talkies for better stalking
  10. SasuxNaru69
    @FiresFlame/Zetsubou: Two against one? Well that's not very fair... xP

    @SoraV: And I remember how he was panting and collapsed onto the ground after Kakashi was 'through' with him... >D
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