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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. wateralchemist
    Yes Sasuke is so worth it. Love him. Kinda glad there a group for him.
    *And another person is added to the waves of sasuke fans*
  2. MC Denno
    MC Denno
    Hello everyone,

    it seems a bit arrogant to do this, and I hate arrogance, still I think it is the best way to reach everyone who has been reading my stories for so long (if they choose to check out my profile that is.) Because of the changes made to the forum most of my stories have been deleted (including perfectly unplanned). I will however will attempt to post them all on here as soon as possible.

    I have started posting my latest story, with which I have been busy ('If anyone can, Sasuke can') on this website. I added another chapter to it I hope you will enjoy.

    For the story 'If Anyone Can, Sasuke Can' click the link >>Here<<
    For Perfectly Unplanned (for the time being) please see the other websites:
    >>Here<< or >>Here<<

  3. kickers_ej
    Hello all~ I am one of those fangirls that buy all Sasuke figurines and would put his pict in my wallet instead of my family (or future boyfriend). Believe me, when (or if) I get married, I am gonna ask my husband to sleep on the floor to make way for my life size Sasuke bolster.

    Yes, I am that obsessed.
  4. garnetyuna
    Hi there!
    I just noticed there's a group for Sasuke, and of course I've joined since I like him so much! I like Sasuke more than Naruto. But I like the couple Sasuke x Naruto. yes, I like Narucchi only when he's with my beloved Sasuke! >.<
    whatever he does, I will always forgive him. But not Kishimoto XD if he makes Sasuke do something bad I'll blame sensei for that.
  5. Darknesstoy
    Another fan of Sasuke is reporting in

    I've been a fan of sasuke from the very beginning until now. Like @garnetyuna, mentioned I'll choose Sasuke over Naruto any day. I haven't liked Naruto as a character that much until I discovered SasuNaru, which had changed my opinion on him.

    No matter what bad/stupid/inconsiderate things Sasuke might do in the future I know I won't have the heart to abandon him. I'm that loyal.
  6. dreamersheaven
    New Sasuke fan girl reporting in . I can't believe that I just dicovered the group today lol. I really love Sasuke though I don't see how everyone can hate him just because of what he's doing at the moment; am I the only one who's supporting what he's doing??? .
  7. ExtinctionOfReality
    @dreamersheaven: No, you're not the only one. I believe in Sasuke as well. I'm one of those few people now (at least when it comes to the ones I talk to), unfortunately, since everyone wishes for his death (all of my friends always mock me about that too...>>; ). Yet, they forget the trauma he went through. So, instead of trying to UNDERSTAND him, they just decide it's time for him to die...That's wrong.
  8. Tisifone75
    Hy everyboy here I am from Italy (so sorry for my english) with all my love for Sasuke kun, this great and beautifull carachter...Oh my God, I love him very much
  9. HinaNaruSasu
    Hey Everyone i Just joined and I love love Sasuke he's soooo HOT!!!!!
  10. EvilEmos
    i love, love, love sasuke like hes the sexiest and the rawest person on naruto.......... y not change the show from naruto to SASUKE...... it all makes sense.... well to me of course
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