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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. DarkSacrifice
    haahaha I will...talk =)
  2. shinemoonmine
    ^()^.. So Nice.. Thank You Dear.. How Are You And No Time No See.. Xo
    Why Nobody Did Not Chat Here..?.. Is They Dead....?
  3. kinai26
    Hi #waves# haven´t been here in a while sumimasen
  4. shinemoonmine
    T()T... WOooo... Why You Are Not Be Here.. Always I'm Lonly Here.. >///<
  5. Akascha
    hey everybody

    i haven´t been here for a while
    What´s going on? nobody´s home
    There is so many to discuss....What will happen with Konoha? And what will Sasuke do in the end? Oh and did you notice...he is becoming blind already!!!!

    Of you are still alive ^^ reply and don´t let our cute shinemoonmine all alone in here
    Love ya all
    and I love Sasuke
    Who doesn´t love him ?
  6. Akascha

    I left you some new pics to drool over
    Enjoy them
  7. shinemoonmine
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. there some one here i like the pics and WHAT THE .. SASUKE DANCE WITH NARUTO that really nightmaear.. and i love sasuke so much :nuw:
  8. Chonki
    HI minna
    Just joined this group...*nervous* Pics are so hot xD
  9. gamuchan
    Also joined the smexy-ness too... gosh, why hadn't I sooner? D: gonna check out the pics and what not
  10. kinai26
    @Gamuchan and Chonki: A huge welcome #huggles#

    @Shine: Well i am on everyday and i always check in on this thread but I guess I must have missed you heh heh.

    @Akascha: Sasuke is going blind? Why do you think that? nice pics by the way - Sasu is sooooo hot.

    I hope that Sasuke will be back in manga again soon... oh and did you know that there was a riot in Japan because of the lack of new Naruto and Bleach eps and updates because of x-mas and New Years eve? And I thouhgt that we were impatient heh heh
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