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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. FiresFlame
    should we wait?
  2. lilSsjGirl
    *uses a tape with itachi's voice saying: I killed my parents and proud of it!

    That's going to lure Sasuke here
  3. FiresFlame
    Hai, yup that'll do the trick...

    *the door is kicked in with a pissed of Sasuke starting up a chidori in the door way*
  4. SasuxNaru69
    *confetti and balloons appear everywhere* *banner scrolls down and reads: CONGRATULATIONS, UCHIHA SASUKE! YOU HAVE BEEN PUNK'D! Please accept our gift-wrapped Naruto as a consolation prize!*
  5. FiresFlame
    *Sasuke-teme looks around and...
  6. SasuxNaru69
    *shouts* "YOU'RE ASS IS MINE, UZUMAKI!"
  7. FiresFlame
    *Sasu-teme gabs the present and runs off to the prepaid hotel room...*

    You think they'll get to noisy? Should I have gotten a beach house instead?
  8. SasuxNaru69
    *Naruto struggles* Dx

    Hmm..... I think it'll be find if Naruto gets gagged. xD
  9. FiresFlame
    *SasuxNaru-chan and me sneak to the Hotel room with Video Camera in hand*

    Fire: Should we just bust in... Or should we cut a hole in the wall and film??
    SasuxNaru: *looks at fire like it should be obvious*
    Fire: Hehe ok *cuts a small hole in the wall and sticks the video camera into the room*
  10. SasuxNaru69
    *Sasuke and Naruto moaning and doing naughty things to each other*
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