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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. diablo neko
    diablo neko
    LOLOLOLOLOLOL Oh man, you made my day. This might actually convince me to watch Naruto right now XD

    Character profile book too? I've only read one of those...type...of things for Naruto but it was pretty general and I don't remember that, sadly XDD (next question: was there a little tongue action~ hehehe)
    Thanks for the info =D
  2. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-chan: And where might this book be? or what's it called?
    @diablo-san: I sure HOPE there was...
  3. diablo neko
    diablo neko
    Ah, and I was just thinking, "if Naruto tasted like miso soup...what did Sasuke taste like?" I'm really curious now~

    (Oh, and I watched ep60 =D I have no clue what it was about and remember nothing from it except that part where Naruto blushed XD That totally needs to be an icon, with a little thought bubble of the Sasunaru kiss, LOL)
  4. FiresFlame
    *raises hand* I might be able to do that... maybe not an icon but a pic. I'll see what I can do
  5. SasuxNaru69
    I don't remember which character profile book it was.... There's like a bajillion of them... -.-; If I find it again, I'll give you guys the title....

    I bet Sasuke tasted like tomatoes or something... xP (Sucks for Naruto... he doesn't like veggies...)
  6. diablo neko
    diablo neko
    @SasuxNaru69: Maybe this would be a way to get Naruto to eat his vegetables...? =P
  7. SasuxNaru69
    Heh heh. Mouth feed? Me likey....
  8. FiresFlame
    sounds good to me
  9. SasuxNaru69
    *shifty eyes* *ties up Naruto and throws him in the middle of nowhere to see if Sasuke takes the bait*
  10. lilSsjGirl
    Hahaha great xD
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