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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. SasuxNaru69
    *claws at FiresFlame-chan's daydreams and replaces them with Seme!Sasuke* >=D
    Uke!Sasuke scares me...... >~<
  2. FiresFlame
    *cries* WHYYYY!!!!! *tries desperately to put Uke Sasuke dreams back together* NOOOO!!!!!! Its ruined!!!! *hits Seme Sasuke dreams with a hammer* Humph.
  3. meridastar
    now now...lets clam down n not start up the debate on if we like uke sasuke or seme sasuke again.
  4. FiresFlame
    *cries and points accusing finger at SasuxNaru-chan* She shattered my Sasuke Uke dreams.
  5. meridastar
    *pats flames on back* its ok flames you can just have new and better dreams about him, but not tell sasuxnaru-chan this time.
  6. SasuxNaru69
    *blows raspberry at FiresFlame-chan* Seme!Sasuke is just better... Nyah.... And I'll do the same thing over and over until you agree.
  7. FiresFlame
    <---- That little yellow doll is you SasuxNaru-chan!!!!!!!!

    *sigh* I suppose I will dream better dreams *dream bubble pops up over head*

    BUT! I WILL AVENGE THE BROKEN DREAMS!!!!!!! *runs after SasuxNaru-chan with chains and chain her to some pole so she cant hurt her dreams anymore*
  8. SasuxNaru69

    Must...... Break Free....... From..... Chains!!!! Seme!Sasuke Shall Prevail!!!!
  9. FiresFlame
    STAY PUT! No hurting SasUKE dreams!
  10. meridastar
    HEY!!!! Break it up you guys! *holds firesflame back* can't you two get along? *gives death glare to both* now you both need to clam down and stop scattering people's dream and what not. Let this be the end of the agruement of which sasuke is better and just talk bout something else.....okay?
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