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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. Zetsubou
    OMG How could i miss that group?!?! Sasuke HAS to have his own group *drools*

    Yeah i asked myself that to but he looks kinda cute all blushing *hehehe*
  2. kinai26
    I just love the way that Sasuke´s dresses though I´m not to found of the pants... looks difficult to get rid of heh heh... or am I mistaken?
  3. Zetsubou
    I agree i love his style mostly because of the dark colors (yeah i LOVE black XD) but i agree, the pants look troublesome #cough# and i really don't like that purple obi? it makes him look like Orochi. But what i love most is his "duck-butt" hairstyle...it really looks sexy or am i wrong?
  4. Akascha
    new members again welcome
    looks like it was a good idea to make a group just for our beloved sasuke-kun

    @hello foreverforlorned: i just uploaded it because he looks so damn hot on this pic. That shirt and the red underwear and this cute little blush on his face
    Just ignore sakura, or better imagine that you are pulling on his tie
  5. Zetsubou
    @Akascha-chan: Aw~ thank you i love to be here #lol# hehe yes it was indeed a very good idea to create this group for our lovely Sasuke-kun~!! hehe yes he looks very VERY hot in that picture #smirk# you just have to ignore the pink-haired annoyance -_-
  6. Akascha
    @Zetsu-chan: i was looking for a group just for him and I couldn´t find any
    I was just like WTF, why isn´t there a group for sasuke-kun? So i just made one
    looks like it was a veryyyy good decision
    Well I don´t think that sakura is an annoyance.... i kinda like her *hides*
    and i kinda like the pairing*runs away from tomatoes that are being thrown at me*
  7. Zetsubou
    @Akascha-chan: Hehe it seems so #grin# Nah don't worry i really don't hate her that much anymore since she really has improved in Shippuden and besides everyone has his own taste right?
  8. yerisina
    Yell, I'm not much of a Sakura fan either, but I tolerate this fan art... I simply ignore Sakura and focus on Sasuke! XD

    I love Sasuke's hairstyle. However - it's hell to draw! >.< When I started to try drawing this hairstyle in August 07 I thought "I'll shoot myself". -_-
    After about 6 months I think it looks okay though. *cough*

    The purple obi makes his hips seem so .. fat... >.<
    But I like his shippuuden outfit. If I was Sasuke I'd simply replace the purple bow with a normal dark red or black or blue belt. I think that would look nice. ^-^ (Yay for dark colors, especially black *_*)

    Hehe, so my question for you:
    What do you think about CS1 and CS2?
    I have to admit I like both... even his "lipstick" in CS2... O.o XD
  9. gokunaruto
    I must join here...
  10. blue_genjutsu
    I joined because I do love Sasuke and wanted to show support for his character! I hope you hold off on anymore pictures with him and Sakura though! Sorry, but I'm not a het lover and Sasuke only belongs to Naruto.
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