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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. SasuxNaru69
    Hey. Sasuke is an ass and a jerk. (I'm sorry, that's just how it is.) And Naruto's too nice, and he's easily friends with everyone.

    Sasuke = Seme / Naruto = Uke

    And don't say Sasuke has UKE in his name. I KNOW THAT. D< I don't like it when people randomly point that out... Rawr.
  2. FiresFlame
    HAHAHAHA, I havent even noticed until you mentioned it but i do think it would be a nice change foe him to be uke, change is always nice
  3. meridastar
    see! see! *points at flames* flames agrees with me ^_^ i kno sasuke is a teme and naruto is too kind for his own good. That has nothin to do with it. thats just a facade he puts on, just like naruto, and could be really submissive on the inside.

    you kno i dont even kno why im sayin anythin...i like sasuke being seme too!It suits him. Im just sayin its hott the other way around too.
  4. FiresFlame
    Its hot just having them hug, whichever is seme or uke its AWESOME
  5. meridastar
    hehehe true true ^_^
  6. SasuxNaru69
    >3> Why must I be against my Sasuke fans?

    I don't think it's a facade~ >3< Sasuke really is a teme! Buuuuuuuuut..... I can see what you're saying... SO! I shall leave it at this: Sasuke only lets his guard down around Naruto and technically Naruto has been the only person that has gotten to him personally, so.... if Sasuke and Naruto were in a relationship and Naruto were to be a horny little teen, I guess Sasuke would act as the refusing uke.....
  7. FiresFlame
    ma ma we get your point. It's hot no matter what
  8. SasuxNaru69
    xP I'm just trying to defend my-... urr... our Sasuke-sama~
  9. FiresFlame
    *still pictures Naru-chan as seme* hmmmm. . . O///O
  10. Akascha
    I see we a avid Sasuke defenders here
    (that&#180;s the way it should be boys and girls )

    Well i already said I like him both ways....As an aggressive Seme and as innocent Uke
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