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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. meridastar
    meridastar: NANI?! but sasuke if you come with me you WILL be seeing naruto AND more. we were right about to go over there! remember?!
    sasuke: *looks up at meridastar and thinks* thats right! *runs back to meridastar* i cant believe i forgot. she must be doin sum kind of mind jutsu on me *turns and gives death glare to akascha*
    (naruto comes out of no where)
    naruto: hey guys! whats taken you so long? i've been waited for you guys forever! * turns to sasuke and licks lips* yum *sasuke blushs*
    meridastar: hey naru-chan! *runs and hugs naruto* we were just about to leave! *turns to sasuke* right?
    sasuke: *looks at meridastar* of course! *turns to everyone else* dont worry we'll be back at sum point
    naruto and meridastar: well were off!...see ya later guys! *smirks at akascha*
  2. Akascha

    ok.....Akascha: Naruto!!!! don´t you want your special Ichiraku King Size Ramen?
    Naruto: of course .....*runs back to Akascha* Oi Sasuke! If you go with meri.....you´ll have to go alone.....*hugs akascha*
    Sasuke: *runs after Naruto* Naruto!!! don´t leave me!!!
    Akascha: *hugs them both* meri-chan....I win!
    Naruto and Sasuke: *kiss and make up*
  3. meridastar
    meridastar: naruto! and i was gonna treat you to all the ramen you wanted. *pouts* i can't believe you would just desert me like this. but if you dont want the ramen its ok. ill just go and get sum on my own. *turns and starts walking away, head hung low*
    naruto: *looks between aka-chan and meri-chan* wait! *runs and hugs meri-chan* dont be sad it ok. i'll come.
    meridastar: *looks up teary eyed* really?
    naruto: of course *gives uzumaki grin and turns toward sasuke* OI! teme you just gonna stand there or what?!
    sasuke: shut up dobe! *walks over to them and gives meri hug&kiss on cheek then naruto a kiss* so you guys ready to go? *smirks*
    meridastar: *gives shocked looked* y-yeah
    naruto: YEAH! lets go then! *gives sasuke quick kiss then grabs both meri and sasu's hands and drags them away* on to get sum ramen!
    meridastar and sauke: *sweatdrop* .......
    meridastar: hold on guys *both sasu n naru look at her oddly* AKA-CHAN care to join us!?
    sasuke and naruto: *both smile at and hug meri*
  4. maLadeiNe08
    akascha: thanks ...thanks....i'm glad you like the ava. hot,nee?
    oh i love the chocolate and whipped cream. *yum*

    (at the ramen house)
    maladeine: meri & aka ...uh! SASUKE-sama! *runs to grab sasuke*

    meri&aka: *both grab a hold of sasuke-sama and move him away*

    maladeine: c'mon guys...just a hug. pls... *reaching for sasuke*

    akascha: what are you doing here? *freeing sasuke*

    maladeine: akascha-san SANKYU! *hugs and cuddles sasuke*

    meridastar: OI! that's enough! *pulling sasule from mal's grip*

    maladeine: i was just having my time... anyway, i was really looking for you guys. let's go to a hot spring!

    akascha: i dont think so...i wouldn't be able be w/ sasuke anyway... i'd rather be in a bath *looks at sasuke with a smirk*

    maladeine: ow? that's too bad... its a co-ed hot spring and it's private you sure you dont wanna come? *whispers* i'm sure the steam would look goodd on sasuke-sama's skin
  5. meridastar
    hey maladeine! nice of you to join us. come and have sum ramen! *shoo over* lets talk about this hot spring business sum more.
  6. maLadeiNe08
    ooohh... this hot's springs can be shared by boys and girls... private?

    well, cause it's my grandpa's place...

    but i dont know maybe coming there would be a waste if akascha-san would not come...
    she would probably tie sasuke-sama and not allow him to come with us.

    but that would change if you have some kind of idea?
  7. meridastar
    meri: ummm....i see *turns to naruto* naru-chan you wanna go to the hot spring with us?
    naru: *jumps up with big grin on his face* YEAH! lets go! lets go!
    meri: *giggles&hugs naru-chan* your so kawaii naru-chan *naru blushes and hugs back then meri turns back to mal* problem sloved *smirks*
    sasu: what are you guys talkin about over there?
    meri: oh we're just plannin a trip to the hot spring!
    naru: yeah! thats right you gonna come?
    sasu: *looks at naru and thinks bout this for a min.* ....... *turns to meri n nods while tryin to stop nosebleed and wipe away drool*
  8. maLadeiNe08
    mal: that's good using Naruto as bait, huh?
    ok then i'll meet you guys in the gates tomorrow then. *bows down*I'm sorry but i have a little time today...i got to really go. see you! akascha-come if you'd like too sure it would be much more fun *dashing to the sunset*

    meri: sasuke & naruto *holding hands and waving really happy

    mal: *came dashing back* uh but anyway here *hands over a pic to meri* that's a stolen shot bye! *dashing away again* (pic: sasuke naked sitting on the velvet floor pouring sake into his mouth looking very smexy)
  9. meridastar
    hey! im not using naru-chan as bait. i just wanted to spend time with his sexy self AND sasuke it just happened that way. ^_^ hehehe thanks for the pic! im lovin it!
  10. FiresFlame
    Loving the pictures!


    *tackles Sasu-chan*
    Me: You are miiiiiiiiiine!
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