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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. meridastar
    maLadeiNe08 i agree with you aka-san can be such a tease *pouts*
    i wouldnt mind at all if you added me as a friend! *hugs*
  2. maLadeiNe08
  3. meridastar
    no problem maLadeiNe08 *hugs*
  4. FiresFlame
    >< I missed so much. RL sucks. ANYWAY! MaLadeiNe-san!!!! Glad your having fun!

    @Akascha-chan: :shock: HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?! Keeping Sasu-chan all to yourself? share please
  5. maLadeiNe08
    Thanks for the welcome fiRefLame-san!!!
  6. Akascha
    @maLadeiNe08 - love your Ava
    I don&#180;t mind if anyone adds me as friends guys...you are all my friends
    and because i was soooo mean, I will give you a gift...

    Akascha: Minna, look what i brought you
    Sasuke: *veryyyy naked, covered in chocolate and whipped cream with a ribbon around his neck* >/////////////////////////////////////////<
    Akascha: everyone who&#180;s hungry, help yourselves...
  7. meridastar
    Aka-chan this sooo makes up for teasing us I'm just gonna borrow him for a lil while. Don't worry ill bring him back. Throu I don't kno when. * grabs sasuke and walks away*
  8. Akascha
    @meridaster - OIIIIIII bring Sasuke back ....*runs after her*
    I said help yourselves but not kidnap him.....*graps Sasuke and takes him away from that nutcase*
    Akascha: now...My Sasu-chan...don´t be angsty.....*cuddles him and strokes his head*
    Sasuke: i was soooooo frightened of this scary woman *clings to akascha*

    Now look what you did! Poor Sasuke...No kidnapping, I said i´ll share but not under those circumstances.....
  9. meridastar
    you said help yourself...i was just doing what you said *pouts* plus i was gonna have naruto come along too
    sasuke: *perks up* really! ......
    meridastar: of course!
    sasuke: well what are you waiting for? let's go!
    meridastar: k we can go right now *starts walking away with sasuke right beside me* we just have to stop and pick up naruto first. *turns and looks back real quick and sticks tongue out*
  10. Akascha

    Akascha: if you go with her you´ll never see Naruto again!!!!!!!
    Sasuke: *runs back to akascha* forgive me mistress I was foolish....
    akascha: don´t you ever disobey me..or i´m going to get veryyyyyyyy.....sad *hugs Sasuke and smirks to meridaster* /shit happens huh?
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