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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. meridastar
    WHAT!!!!! thats not fair
    I GOT IT! you can push the wheelchair but i get to help him in and out of it.
  2. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing~ I hope you're not not mad! TwT I've been really busy with schoolwork and still am! Dx Just two more weeks and I'll just pass out from exhaustion and then go all out on yaoi.... I'm so deprived!
    @ Macska-chan/san (Lol): Wow... look it all the blood loss.... OwO *donates some blood and gives cookies*
  3. maLadeiNe08
    everyone ...yoroshiku!
    i'm new here...

    *uuhnn....sasuke-sama kakoi
  4. Akascha
    Irasshai maLadeiNe08
    Have a good time here on aarinfantasy and on the ULTIMATIVE SASUKE ADDICTS CLUB
    @meridaster-chan.....nice idea with the wheelchair...but I will be the one that helps him clean up.......and i mean e-ve-ry-thing
  5. meridastar
    welcome maLadeiNe08 hope you have a great time here
    akascha: What! ....good idea good idea...shit how come i didnt think of that?
  6. maLadeiNe08
    Thanks for the nice greeting meridastar and akascha.

    no worries. i'm already having that much fun especially with you guys around.

    akascha-san your keeping sasuke-sama all to yourself...
    (*come on think*) i want to have too... *sniff*
  7. Akascha
    good to hear that you have fun here....

    To tease you guys....
    Akascha: Sasuke-kuuuuuun, do you need some help here? *purrs and strokes his shoulders*
    Sasuke: hmm yes...If you would be so kind to help me my mistress...
    Akascha-sama: well then lay down and spread your legs
    (I hope you guys enjoy...and i don´t want him for myself...i was just more faster than you )
    Akascha: maaa Sasuke-chan...what is this big thing that is growing between your legs I think you need a little help here..... Narutoooooooo~ *grins evilly* I think Sasuke could need your help here....
    Naruto: *smirks* of course....*bends down between Sasuke´s legs*
    Sasuke: >//////////<..............
    (god i love my pervert fantasy )
    You can all imagine what Naruto is going to do to "little" Sasuke right
  8. meridastar
    maLadeiNe08 im happy your having fun with us! *hugs*
    aka: dont tease like that. yes i can def. imagine wat naruto is doing to sasuke
    oh how i can imagine what he is doin to him
  9. maLadeiNe08
    sure thing you guys kind'a makes my day

    but akascha-san you're a little in between.
    you make my day but you sure give it a twist. wuah!!!
    why do you have to be so cruel *sniff* you make me think that my strong sense of imagination's a curse. but that was good
    Oh my i can hear Sasuke-sama's voice...Sasuke-sama!
    You know, i don't know if i should push away Naruto or not?
    Sasuke-sama might... I don't want him to be mad at me.
  10. maLadeiNe08
    oh! oh! Would you guys mind if i add you as friend?
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