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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-CHAN not SAN: hmmm. I suppose that'd be fine too. *grabs some bishies*
    @Macska-san: your ALWAYS welcome! *hands you a bucket for drool and some tissues for the nosebleed*
  2. meridastar
    hello i saw this group n i just had to join cuz i love sasuke. he's sooo HOT!
  3. FiresFlame
    Welcome Meridastar-san!
  4. meridastar
    thanks for the warm welcome =D
  5. Akascha
    Welcome meridastar-san and macska-san
    have fun the ultimative Sasuke Fanclub
    what did i read about raping someone?
  6. FiresFlame
    OooOOOoOO the raping. . .wellll we were saying that if Sasuke was real he'd be raped. . . ALOT
  7. meridastar
    i agree if he was real he would be gettin pounced on around every corner

    Akascha: thanks for the nice welcome ^_^
  8. Akascha
    not my Sasuke-kun !!!!
    Everyone who touches him without his consent will be destroyed
    (except for all my aarinfriends and every member of this club )

    but hey you are right....he´s to damn handsome and gorgeous...
    if he were real....i´m sure he would never be able to walk (because of all the rape)

    @meridaster: your welcome have a nice time here at the ULTIMATIVE SASUKE ADDICTS FANCLUB
  9. meridastar
    yes you are totally right
    and if he could walk he would be wobbling around like a penguin and that just doesnt suit him.
  10. FiresFlame
    True true. Hmmm *waves hand in the air* I CALL PUSHING THE WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!!
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