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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: Good... or else I'd have to brainwash you...
  2. Akascha
    hey everyone
    Happy drooling over the new pics ^^
  3. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-CHAN not SAN: thats ok....... I think Akascha-san did that with the new pics.

    My gosh are the lovely
  4. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: Good.... *stares at pictures* I am surprised Sasuke is still even a virgin in the anime (or is he? xP).... If he were real, he'd probably receive a bunch of STDs from girls (and guys) already, I swear..... OwO;
  5. FiresFlame
    If he were real. . . well. . . damn that'd be one hot dude
  6. SasuxNaru69
    Lmao. Heck yes. He'd get raped so many times. xP
  7. Macska
    hello i found this club now and i joined because i love Sasuke
  8. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-CHAN not SAN: hai hai. And one of the many rapists would be me ^-^
    @Macska-san: WLECOME! Enjoy the wonderful hot pics of our smexy Sasuke
  9. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: Ditto... Though I think I'd enjoy watching Naruto rape him... or vice versa... ;3
    @ Macska: Yes yes, welcome! Be sure to wipe up your drool afterwards! xD
  10. Macska
    oh thank you for the nice welcome
    SasuxNaru69 ok but first i stop my
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