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Uchiha Sasuke

  1. SasuxNaru69
    *drools* I still can't believe they're only 14..... >///<
  2. FiresFlame
    *sigh* They act more like 20
  3. Vixengirl101
    Never thought I'd find ANYONE who loves Sasuke as much I do. *sighs* finally....
  4. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: Agreed. And especially how Sasuke's as tall as Itachi now... Ha ha. Itachi's a shortie~! xP Uchiha Sasuke shall surpass you! Foolish older brother.... Mwahaha....
  5. Kristel
    Lol! SasuxNaru69 you're the best! <3
  6. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-CHAN not SAN: OMG *cries* As much as i love sasuke, Itachi is to smexy for his own good, even if he IS a little short
  7. SasuxNaru69
    @ Kristel-chan: Why thank you... *bows* ^w^

    @ FiresFlame-chan: Heh heh... too bad... you're in this group for a reason! *drags over to Sasuke's side*
  8. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-CHAN not SAN: but but but but but. . . . *sigh* ok *goes off to look for an Itachi group to join*
  9. SasuxNaru69
    @ FiresFlame-chan: Nooooooo!!!!! *ties to a pole in Sasu-land* You are not going to our rival's group! Dx
  10. FiresFlame
    @SasuxNaru-CHAN not SAN: Eep! Ok Ok ok ok ok besides I would reather stay with the Uchiha thats alive and not Madra. ^-^ Ill stay
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