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  1. Cteel
    Hi there! been writing fanfics for maybe a year or two off and on though so far their all on paper and not the web yet,lol. Anyway, Im starting to do more crossfic work and noticed that its one of those things that either they can come out to be really good fics, or the worst eve that you can comprehend. So I thought to post this and see what you all thought of the genre of crossfics.
  2. fmkitty698
    Hiya, everyone here! (Hopefully anyone is still active on this group... (9`・ω・)9 )
    The name is Mina.
    Anyway, not sure if this could count as crossover fic, 'cos it is a KOF fic based on Castlevania and it's a dark gothic fantasy AU setting called Vampire's Kiss.
    It's about one arrogant vampire, who has a very bad luck on his side, yet decides to prey on one redhead hunter. So, the very little he knows how this encounter ends... Aarinfantasy link and AO3 link
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