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Webcomic Scripters?

  1. HyvenSent
    Sometimes I think it is easier having a few things going at once. I'm working on my novel but I have a side project called Other Side of the Blade on SmackJeeves. When I get stuck on one I work on the other. Anyone else dabble in multiple media?
  2. HatedLove6
    Yup, all the time. I probably have over ten stories going on right now, fanfiction and original fiction.
  3. Galanos
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  4. assuredlily
    Though comic writers who work for the big publishers typically format their comic book scripts similarly to screenplays dinosaur game, there is still no official industry standard.
  5. donnahardings
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  6. MarkWatts
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  7. ickinsonron
    Yeah, that's right. Counting both fanfiction and my own works, I am now engaged in over ten stories. wordle today
  8. Zalip
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  9. sharonfrankklin
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  10. SofiSS
    Projects can be varied, recently I came across the creation of comics. I needed thematic and high-quality images, and Depositohotos helped me with this. Here I found everything I needed, and I managed to create a bright and memorable project.
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