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  1. Pervie Priestess
    Pervie Priestess
    We look forward to more new members. Come on in and tell us a little about yourself and what's the appeal of the villain(s) in your life. We want the real scoop! So, come on in. Don't be shy! Give us a shout!
  2. Dark Adonis
    Dark Adonis
    Hey, Pervie! Thanks for the rep on my thread! I have been a huge villain fan since I was very young. It all started with Darth Vader. I remember just thinking he was the coolest thing I ever saw back when I first saw him. I suppose the main appeal of villains to me is the air of sophistication and theatricality that they aften present. And in anime, the villains are often really good looking, so that is a HUGE bonus! I'll be back to chat some more if this thread comes to life at all.
  3. Pervie Priestess
    Pervie Priestess
    Well Yay! the SG's not dead after all!!! SUCCESS!!! Well, kinda! Darth was also my first villain as well. Then Freddy! If you can imagine that! But yeah, I'm glad you came in.
  4. Dark Adonis
    Dark Adonis
    Darth wasn't exactly my first villain, but he was the villain that made me love villains. I just didn't like villains before I saw Darth Vader. When I was really little, I saw the Little Mermaid and Ursula the Sea Witch scared the bejeezers out of me! Later on though, I thought she was awesome and the best character in the whole damned movie! I do like female villains too. Is it okay to occasionally mention them here?
  5. Yusuichi
    Hi Pervie Priestess, I saw your link and I must confess I've got a big thing (forgive the pun) for Grimmjow and Aizen-sama. They are so naughty they deserve a spanking and their own fanclub!
  6. Ohjisama
    hello xD I love evil villains also I'm not quiet sure why but that doesn't mean I can't love them I know what you mean all the villains are all good looking in animes but I also love villains that aren't good looking like Davros (I think that's how you spell it) from Doctor Who I don't know if anyone has seem that but I LOVE him along with the master who is also AMAZING oh and I'm talking about the old doctor who I don't really like the new one x.x but some of my favorite evil people from anime would probably be pain and hidan from naruto and Grimmjow from bleach, Griffith from berserk and man I could name these guys all day but anyways moving on I wasn't much of a Darth Vader fan cuz whenever I think about him I see him without his mask and I'm like ewwww but that's just me I guess
    oh and on a side note this group seems to have very few posts considering how many members it has...
    edit: omg how could I forget my all time favorite yami malik aka marik *drools*
  7. Letovix
    Hey there everyone! I'm here because...well...it seems that at the very least, 93% of all my favorite characters end up being villains. XD Orochimaru and Kabuto, the Akatsuki, Organization XIII, Kristoph from Apollo Justice, just to name a few... Why is it that the villains are always so awesome? I mean, they all end up getting killed off at one point or another! Where does that leave us, the fans? D:
  8. Pervie Priestess
    Pervie Priestess
    Yayyyy! Hi everyone! I'm glad you all have come to jouin us! I hope to get some get info outta all of you! I've been a away for a awhile as my compy is down!. I talk w/ you more later!
  9. Qwertzu
    sexy villain? what? where? *drool*
    Hello everyone. My name is qwertzu and I adore good-looking bad boys... god complex? no problem... conquest of the universe? yeah, go baby! villains RULE!
    let Muraki get Tsuzuki! let Radditz kidnap his brother and show him what being a sayian means! let grimmjaw be the king! ohhhh... thanks for founding this group!
  10. Eladamri
    Hey, Eladamri here with the hotz for bad guys

    I don't know when my love for the villains started, but I do know that it's strong and everlasting. More times then I can count when watching shows or reading books do I cross my fingers and hope that maybe, just maybe, the bad guys will win for once.
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