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Do you lurve villainous men? Does the very fact that he's an asshole turn you on? Does he have a God complex? Well, this is the group for you. Whether it be Naraku, Orochimaru, Sousuke Aizen, Sephiroth or any other hot bad asses, come in and tell us all about it!

Does Grimmjow Jaggerjaques or Legato Bluesummers get yur panties in a bunch, in a good way? XD Come shout it to the world! Any and all torrid little desires can and will be discussed. To your smexy heart's content!

Our motto here is "If there's an EVIL bastard in the world there's a fan who loves him!"


1. Treat everyone as you want to be treated. Respect everyones opinions if you want the same in return.

2. For every post comment on no less than 2 posts. If it's not enuff to comment on just keep the convo going. BTW, when answering the topic questions and the like, cut/paste or quote the question into your box first! Do the same for links.

3. Both Yaoi and Het are allowed when it comes to posting of comments, links, pictures, fics and any other brow raising materials that are relavant.

4. Have a hell of a lotta fun!!! Whoot!

5. YES Ladies and Gents! I have no problem what so ever w/ new threads being made! I'm Actually looking forward to it! Just make sure they're relevant to the SG and try not to make duplicates!! Other than that... Go for what you know!

We look forward to drooling over your offerings soon!

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