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  1. dealla
    Hey Narutards No manga next week too, right? *weeps*

    @SunlilyQ Your title is safe
  2. shattered
    actually im a bit like sun-chan too, i havent watched naruto since sai was introduced as the 4th member of 'team-kakashi-which-has-no-kakashi'
  3. Nnoilalala
    Sunlily~ meh. the anime deserved it around that time.. I'm not keeping up too much either, not until Hidan is on that is!!

    dealla~ No manga? why?
  4. dealla
    @nekogal I meant that there's not going to be a new manga chapter next week.(again!)

    I'm keeping up with both anime/manga for now, but if manga continues to focus on Sasuke, I might lose the interest :/
  5. Nnoilalala
    dammit Sasuke-teme~
    and it's just gonna be more about him now
    ...but Itachi is still there, so it's not so bad..
  6. yerisina
    Wow, thanks for those sexy Hidan pics, nekogal.
  7. Chikaru
    Wow, nice pictures!
  8. gokunaruto
    Hi everybody! Finally I've joined this group since I'm a Naruto addict
  9. Lent
    Wtf, Iruka and Kiba??!! OMG, my eyes!!!! Need to bring on more KakaIru, lol.
  10. Nnoilalala
    lol at young Kisame~

    I'm not really surprised at seeing Iruka with anyone since seeing that IrukaxChouji pic I can't get out of my mind.. X.D

    need to look for more KakuHidan and KakaGai~
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