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  1. Nnoilalala
    Maverick~ yup, I loved the bath one. too cute!!
  2. MaverickTears
    thanks you
  3. YorumiAkihime
    Whoaaa, those ItaPain and Sasori pics are so yummy... And I am re-uploading some pics
  4. Nnoilalala
    lovely pics Yorumi!! <3

    Sai is so.. bishi!! I only noticed in the anime, a few times were so *_*
  5. gokunaruto
    Thank you YorumiAkihime
  6. amade0
    @nekogal: i love the sasori one to xD *to bad i don't remember where i found it >.>*
  7. Nnoilalala
    amade~ I think I saw the website it was on a while ago (or maybe it was something else I saw) I just don't remember it either >.>
  8. KunoichiAddy
    Naruto! I spend almost all my free time reading Naruto yaoi, and trying to survive the week between new releases of the anime and manga. Yay, for Narutards!
  9. amade0
    i've never actually read naruto yaoi o.0 does anyone have any recommendations xD
  10. ChaosShadow
    amade0: I've got a link for a SasuNaruSasu fic. It's called "Talk to Me" http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/st...p?no=600090963

    It's not too graphical, but a few scenes could be considered limey IMO. Anyhoo, it's a great read, and I promise you that you'll enjoy it
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