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POT & TeniMyu fans!

  1. flordepp
    Hi!! I really love PoT because of the slashing possibilities, and because, uhmm, well, I like tennis too LOL. See you around!
  2. NeraB
    Hi! How are you? Same ^^ which is your favorite pairing?
  3. griDbug
    Ah, Pot is my most ultimate fandom ever. I love it.

    My favourite pairing is Inui x Tezuka 8D Though, that being said I'm just a ***** for Inui and everyone (though I never fancied InuKai for whatever reason that is - maybe it's because I'm an avid MomoKai supporter)

    Anyway, how is everyone? ^__^
  4. NeraB
    I'm good ^^ personally, i'm more of a tezuxfuji fan but my favorite character is Atobe! hehehe i haven't really read any doujinshi or fanfiction with tezuka and inui! that would be an interesting pairing! hmmmm... i think my absolute favorite is sanadaxatobe! i dont know, but i have a soft spot for rival schools!
    Same! I LOVE PoT! LOVE LOVE LOVE! do you have any recommendations for InuixTezuka? now i'm really interested in that pairing!
  5. griDbug
    I'm not quite sure of the circles that do the doujins to be honest, but if you head over to livejournal the community pot_doujinshi has quite a few InuTez doujins. *nods*

    Ah, Tango Pair! I have a soft spot for that one too~ I did a PoT doujinshi in 2006 actually, it was Fuji x Tezuka.. though lol it's so crap it's not funny. XD I haven't even been able to bring myself to upload it here.

    -- Edit --


    That's one of the most awesome InuTez fanartists I've seen though. ^_^ They also put out a series of doujinshi I believe.


    And here's what I've uploaded... *totally forgot about this* ^_^;;
  6. flordepp
    I´m a TezxFuji fan, but every now and then I like to see EijixFuji love. Of course I love the ultimate PoT cannon golden pair. MizukixYuuta is hot too
  7. NeraB
    I like eijixfuji too! i think thats such a hot pairing! i like momo and echizen tho yea, tango pair will always be my ultimate favorite! platinum pair is also a good pair! im not sure about mizuki and yuuta, i'm not a fan of mizuki! they do look good together though. i just dont like his character!
    @griDbug Thnx! i'll check the links out
  8. flordepp
    LOL yeah, but I love cynical characters like Mizuki, plus have you seen that episode when he makes Yuuta train all night long? I was like OMG, did he just say he was going to be with him all night long? Fanservice all the way
  9. griDbug
    ahh I miss Inui x Fuji x Inui... XD *has the weirdest taste in pairings apparently* XD Though I like Akutsu as an uke, so enough said XD

    And the only time I can really stand Mizuki is when he's part of a Data Sandwich (Inui x Renji x Mizuki) because like... Fujicest is the best thing ever XD
  10. NeraB
    Hahahaha! that is an odd pairing! i will admit! i dont think i can imagine akutsu as an uke! who would be the seme? fujicest! hahaha lol gotta admit they do look good together! I dont like renji either! i think of the rival teams, renji is the character i like the least! i dont know why, but his character never appealed to me! im still a little sceptical about mizuki, only because like i said, i'm not a fan of his character, though you are right, PoT is all about the fanservice! Have you seen any of the musicals? thats fanservice overload! i love it! i laughed hysterically the first time i watched the musical, and i felt stupid but now, i cant seem to get the songs out of my head! they hyouteimyu is amazing! hehehehe
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