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Fans of retro games

  1. Gogi
    Hey everyone! Does anyone here still play old retro games like Super Mario or Pokémon? I’ve been feeling nostalgic and want to get back into some classic gaming. Also, I'm looking to buy a 64-bit console like the Nintendo 64. Any advice on where to find one?
  2. Chack66
    Hi there! Absolutely, I still play retro games all the time! There’s something timeless about games like Super Mario and pokemon games sale. eBay: This is probably your best bet for finding a Nintendo 64. There are usually plenty of listings, and you can often find good deals. Just make sure to check the seller’s ratings and reviews before purchasing.Check out any local gaming or second-hand electronics stores. Some specialize in retro games and consoles, and you might even be able to test the console before you buy it.
  3. Gogi
    Thank you very much for your recommendation. It should be useful for me. Do you have any other tips? I want to have more options to make sure I find what I'm looking for.
  4. Chack66
    Sure. Check out the r/GameSale subreddit. It’s a community where people buy and sell gaming items, and you can sometimes find great deals on retro consoles. Just be sure to use PayPal or another secure payment method.
  5. suzume199x
    Finding a Nintendo 64 is tricky. You can seek online retailers like eBay or retro game stores specializing in older consoles and games like Wordle Unlimited.
  6. phraseplasterer
    When I started playing retro games again, I got curious about what was driving others to play them as well.
    trap the cat
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