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Shadowhunters Cards

  1. ellymate
    I'm really happy and proud that i was able to add some Shadowunter Cards to the iShop, so far this are the only ones, artwork by Cassandra Jean:

    I'd like to add probably some more, maybe with Magnus as i totally love him, but i'd like to ask if you'd like to see Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood from the Tv series as well ^^ or what other suggestions you have.
  2. Araka
    Sadly we cant submit "real life art" on the Ishop. All cards have to be official art as far as I know.
    (came across that slight bump in the road when I was looking into submitting some SPN cards)
  3. ellymate
    ah... i saw some of the 3D cards, which really looked realistic and mixed them up v.v. I guess not even some artwork made after them are not accepted >.>
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