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Reading Order? + Answer

  1. ellymate
    Hello there!

    As a fellow obsessed person about mainly Malec and afterwards, the shadowhunter world, i did some digging and looking around, so i wanna post the reading order i feel is better. I prefer arranging them on books and not on stories, because as you probably noticed, some like The Bane Chronicals have a compilation of stories which might intercalate among some of the volume stories.

    According to what i found out about the books, the order should be as follows:

    01.The Infernal devices - 3 books

    The story happens before the action that we all know from the Mortal Instruments, the main characters are some of the old pillars of the Shadowhunter World that help Clary in her journey.

    02.The Mortal Instruments (MI) - 6 books

    The story of Clary and Jace, nowadays, with all their drama..The introduction of Malec aka Magnus and Alec ~ 3rd volume the finally kiss 4th volume is also shared from Alec's point of view, 5th ~ is totally delicious, painful and a rollercoaster of emotions and i absolutely loved it! Introduction of amazing Simon (which i did not like at all in the beginning, but i fell in love with his character, the way he acts, his humor and his guts) and Izzy, Alec's sister, which is delicious and kind of different from the Tv series.

    03.Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy Series - 10 stories

    The story of Simon and what happens after the MI. Totally worth reading! It includes a Malec story that should not be missed and prepares even more the grown for the next trilogy.

    04.The Dark Artifices - 3 books

    Fallows the MI, you meet the main characters for the first time in book 6 of the Mortal Instruments, the story continues with them and their complicated relations. Volume 3 will get out in 2018.

    05.The Bane Chronicles - 11 stories

    More things to discover about Magnus Bane. Some of the stories are interesting, some go around the characters from the The imortam devices and so on, and has two Malec stories ^^, which you do not wanna miss!

    Cassandra Clare has some short stories that are like a bonus or inside look from all the series, which should be read as soon as you get to read the volumes. They are good and should be read ^^.

    As an opinion, i'd leave The Imortal Devices at the end or reading them before The Dark Artifices.

    If you are interested, i have them in pdf format, i can share them here with you.
    I also have a nice bonus, a very, very good fanfiction which fallows the Mortal Instruments story, but is all about Malec and fills a lot of holes in their story. I read it already twice and i love it, even thus i'm not used to fanfics. This i recommend reading it as you read the MI books or at the end of them.

    Hope it helps...and let me know how you started ^^.
  2. Araka
    Thanks for that elly! Was hoping you'd post something like that here
  3. ellymate
    According to Cassandra Clare the books should be read like this: CLICK ME

    The Mortal Instruments, Part One:

    City of Bones
    City of Ashes
    City of Glass
    The Infernal Devices

    Clockwork Angel
    Clockwork Prince
    Clockwork Princess

    The Mortal Instruments, Part 2

    City of Fallen Angels

    City of Lost Souls
    City of Heavenly Fire

    The Bane Chronicles

    Shadowhunter Academy
    Lady Midnight

    If you, understandably, don’t want to break up your reading that way, I suggest this:

    The Mortal Instruments

    The Infernal Devices

    The Bane Chronicles

    Shadowhunter Academy

    Lady Midnight

    And so on.

  4. ExtinctionOfReality
    Nice! I decided I wanna get through the Mortal Instruments before I touch Infernal Devices. I am still in wait to see why Bane is loved so much. Thanks dear!!
  5. Galanos
    this is insane idea
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