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The Dark Artifices

  1. Araka
    Everything about the The Dark Artifices book series.
    Post links, pictures, your thoughts etc...
  2. ellymate
    I've started the first novel, i'm still reading it, thus for now is on hold a little bit.. I honestly felt a little bit disconnected as the Mortal instruments are so catchy and so unique...i mean duh, they save the world and Clary with Jace are super shadowhunters...what more cane we expect??
    But we get to enjoy some more man on man couple, sexy fairys, stubborn shadowhunters that make stupid mistakes, but we get over it, cos that's what we do ^^

    I'll come back with updates as i advance.
  3. Araka
    Haven't read that one yet. What time period are those books based on?
  4. Hedgiemas
    These are based a few years after The Mortal Instruments!

    And, it was a little sad to see Clary and the gang go, but I honestly love the kids. I love their loyalty to each other! I definitely can't wait to hear your thoughts once you get to the second book!
  5. Araka
    Oh nice, looking forward to that!
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