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The Mortal Instruments

  1. Araka
    Everything about the The Mortal Instruments book series.
    Post links, pictures, your thoughts etc...
  2. Hedgiemas
    First thing that should be addressed is their absolutely adorable baby boys ~ Legit about died when she tweeted about Max and Raf!
  3. Araka
  4. Hedgiemas
    Speaking of Malec, has anyone here read The Bane Chronicles yet?
  5. ellymate
    Hello people!!! Yes i'm here, thanks for the invite *wink*

    I'm still reading the surrounding books, but i've finised with the

    Mortal Instruments - 6 books
    The Shadowhunter Academy (Simon's story with Izzy and a delicious MALEC story)
    The Bane Chronicales - with Malec stories and some others interesting and uninteresting...

    And have to read the rest... SO, shoot me, i'm all opened for Qs ^_^
  6. Araka
    Haven't read the Bane Chronicles yet (but sooo looking forward to it), working on the Infernal Devices at the moment. Sadly I don't have much time read at all. I maybe get to read 3 or 4 pages on the weekend at work :/
  7. Hedgiemas
    How wonderful!

    I've read all that is out except I haven't finished Tales of Shadowhunter Academy! Bring on the Sizzy~ (And of course the Malec!!!)

    The Infernal Devices is incredibly good. As are The Dark Artifices! I can't wait to hear what you both think after you read them!! Jem is a precious cinnamon roll and I want to eat him.
  8. Araka
    Haha yeah, I'm starting to like Jem at the moment. He has this shroud of mystery around him that I adore. ^^
  9. Hedgiemas
    Do you have a favourite character yet?
  10. Araka
    From the Mortal Instruments or from Infernal Devices?
    Instruments it would be Magnus followed by Jace and Devices I'd say Jem fso far.
    What about you?
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