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The Mortal Instruments

  1. ExtinctionOfReality
    Infernal Devices is praised as a better series than Mortal Instruments tho! XD From the synopsis one can already see a f*cked up love triangle at works tho, yeah. Lol I hate it.xD
    As for my progress, I am on book 3 as we speak! Still reading the series, so you can say I don't dislike it, but in all honesty I can't say that I am a huuuge fan either.xD I find bits and pieces rather problematic...
    For a more specific example: the fact we haven't learned enough about the Shadowhunter powers, what they can and can't do. The magic system is not well established in my opinion and seems pretty random. Maybe it's just me and my inability to understand magic stuff to begin with (no fan xD), but I think they haven't been using their Shadowhunter powers quite as much as they could be. Except for Clary, she is an untouchable god!
    Another example: it was established in book one they could make a window and watch/listen in on a person talking without them noticing, yet in book 2 this was forgotten as Izzy and Alec were struggling to listen through the door.
    So yeah, this kind of inconsistency bothers me. It's like Cassandra Clare doesn't have an understanding/hold on her own magic system. But yeah whateverz.xD
    And I don't yet like Magnus. I like Alec, but I don't care for Magnus.xD
    And oh I guess I low-key shipp Jace/Simon. Clary can really go screw herself lmao.
    So yeah, this is my progress.
    Will return with more~ Thanks for asking, Araka!

    P.S. I really liked Valentine at first, but he turned out to be a rather weak villain. Disappointing.
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