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The Mortal Instruments

  1. Hedgiemas
    We're very close! Magnus is my favourite, followed by Izzy and Alec. Love the siblings!
    Jem is definitely my favourite from Infernal Devices. I've always been a sucker for the musical boys.
  2. ellymate
    I see the love for Jem really grows *rises hand* ^^

    My favorite of all times is Magnus, totally love that wicked guy, he's funny, sexy, slender and with a huge heart!!!
    Second, i guess Alec just gets glues to Magnus, but i really started liking Simon a lot. I was really pissed off with him and the problems caused in both books and tv series, but in the books, he's a little bit different. He's so funny! He's got some great lines, he's loyal, he can be afraid and so so human at times..i find him interesting
  3. ExtinctionOfReality
    I can def see how Simon's character can easily be messed up in the TV series. He is great in the books tho.
    Everyone keeps mentioning how the Infernal Devices are better than the Mortal Instruments books. I almost regret starting from Mortal Instruments series but I think I will understand Infernal Devices better thanks to it...if I ever decide I wanna read it.xD
    Em...almost done with book one as we speak. Ordered books two and three a week ago, should have them soon! I decided Mortal Instruments is worthy of my time (for now XDDD).
  4. Araka
    It totally is EOR! I'm sure you're gonna like it!!

    And I do have to agree with Hedgiemas, Izzy is awesome. I like her a lot too.
  5. ExtinctionOfReality
    I finished book one and somehow, so far, there is not a single character I can call a "fave". I thought I would like Luke and Valentine more, but at the end of the book when they were flashed out a bit more I was like *shrug* I think I expected a bit more interaction of sorts but it was kinda anticlimatic.XDDD
    As for the characters from the main cast, I think I have a warm heart for Alec...and only him so far. He is kinda relatable.xD
    Anyway, you know what I liked most about book one?? The quotes!! Good god did it have loads of them!! My most fave things about books are beautiful/clever quotes, even if they were taken from other books. Wonderful job~ And the plot twists were well crafted~
    So yeah, waiting for book two and three to come now, while I kill my brain with Throne Of Glass (good god is it goddamn AWFUL).xD
  6. ExtinctionOfReality
    I finally got and started Book 2...ffs XD
    So far I def dun hate it XD
  7. Araka
    Yay! Good job EOR!
    *starts chanting "Magnus, Magnus, Magnus" in the background*
  8. ExtinctionOfReality
    Tbh I didn't like him in book one, waiting to see him in book two but yeah, so far I have no idea why he is loved so much.
  9. ExtinctionOfReality
    Okay so, whoever told me I would not like things happening between Jace/Clary/Simon was right. I feel disgusted by Clary halfway through book 2. Like, I get it...you like Jace, fine, whatever, incestuous or not. DON'T ACT SO CLUELESS/DENSE ABOUT SIMON FOR F*CK'S SAKE WHEN HE IS SO LITERAL WITH HIS FEELINGS!!
    Grr...had to let this out somewhere.XDDD
  10. Araka
    EOR? Any new progress? And Simon.... well... you'll see. The whole triangle is a bit of a sore spot for me too but because I hate that she can't make up her mind. Then again.... same thing happens in the Infernal Devices, just a bit worse if you ask me.
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